Friday, September 23, 2011

Out of the shadows

Hello there last and final reader that I'm hoping is still out there somewhere.  Ok, so you probably aren't a "reader" per-se since there has been nothing to read. It's me, just popping in for my bi-annual update.

Honestly, I was more thinking about what to do with this blog... it's obvious that it no longer has the same meaning for me that it once had. The whole reason I started this blog was to journal about going through my first deployment as an Army girlfriend. ( To find support and encouragement and maybe advice if there was any to be shared. Thankfully, there was!  I had the chance to get to know and even meet some of the most amazing women!  Most of whom I still follow and keep up with.  In spite of being a horrible blogger I am a devoted reader.

Then another big change happened, my then boyfriend was accepted into the Green to Gold happened. (  There was much to blog about then because of all the changes, anticipation, and excitement involving his return.

I sought comfort in blogging about the triumphs and trials of supporting someone who was transitioning out of the active duty Army world into the cadet world and what a transition it was! ( ( (

We survived through the holidays and then yet another change! Moving in together! (  (

I progressively became a more distant and distant blogger over time after the move to TN.... but again it wasn't long before SURPRISE! More new things coming our way! This time, a wedding was in the cards :) ( ) I still love telling our proposal story!

There was lots of wedding planning, a promotion in February (which in hindsight I should have just stayed a teacher... which I loved... I don't know why I agreed to go into management. It would turn out to be a terrible decision a year later), a friends wedding in August and then our own wedding in October!  You can see some wedding pictures here ( 

And now we're pretty much here.

There were a few things I didn't blog about between now and then - Sgt. survived a pretty significant milestone in cadet-land.  He graduated LDAC (the month long training they take at the end of their junior year that weighs heavily on how they asses for commissioning) with an overall "E" (highest score you can get) and he was even ranked in the top 5 in his platoon!  He's such an amazing leader and soldier.... I know he will make an outstanding officer. He is now in his senior year and is serving as the cadet battalion commander, the highest ranking cadet in the battalion.  We just received his assesions score and it was GOOD :) in fact, when you plug the score into the "how-you-would-have-done-in-the-last-three-years" machine, he would have consecutively scored in the top 5% of the COUNTRY.  That's the top 5% of all the cadets commissioning in the United States on active duty.  What this means for us (other than it's just a large testament to how hard he's worked) is that if he does score in the top 10% then he is guaranteed his first job choice in the Army. We're thrilled.  We find out his branch sometime in late October most likely and then we will find out his BOLC date in the early spring.  It's all going so fast!!

Back to the start though... what to do with this blog,.  I don't want to delete it because I enjoy looking back but our life is so different now.  I've been considering starting a "public" blog that our friends and family can know about, especially to keep everyone posted as things get busy and we head back onto active duty. If I do I'll post the link here for over there... you'll just have to promise to keep THIS blog our little secret :)

Until I decide... see you soon! :)