Sunday, August 23, 2009

Awesome August

Well blogging time again around Cabin Fever huh?

August has really been a fantastic month for us! Here are some of the highlights:

-Sgt. is now officially "Air Assault" stamped after passing the 10 day course (*cough* two weeks *cough* - off on Sunday's + Travel) with flying colors :) It was shockingly our biggest separation since moving to Tennessee 6 months ago (yes, it's been that long, crazy huh?!) but we did just fine :)

-Sgt. and I also celebrated his "One year home" date and my Birthday! All from Air Assault school of course. My Birthday is the only "holiday" that we have consecutively missed together every year we've been dating. Oh well, small price to pay. I know it could be worse

-While Sgt. was away my best friend from Texas came up for a week long visit! It was a blast getting to tour Music City together, and also really wonderful to have a little piece of Texas here for a while.

-Also while Sgt. was away, I was able to do a little DIY home decorating project. Sgt. is an amazing photographer, and has a hard drive full of these pictures he's taken from all over the world just sitting there. We had a massive blank wall in our living room above the couch that was screaming for something to be done to it, but we just aren't in a position to spend hundreds of dollars on art or decor. So I picked out three of my favorites, one from Texas, one from Rome, and one from Iraq (I believe... it's a sunset) and strolled on over to Kinkos. Did you know they will print black and white copies, we're talking BIG ones, for about 3 bucks? Yep. So the biggest expense was three large frames from a local craft store. That, some photos and a little spray paint and voila! Three beautiful black and white framed pieces of art in classy deep red frames (which match our throw pillows) For about fifty bucks total. I was proud of myself :) this DIY thing is kind of cool!

-My very good friend and fellow military girlfriend Re, who I've blogged about before, jumped ship from the ranks and is now a Fiance! I am so excited for them both and can't wait to do all the girlie wedding talk with her over the next year :). He has since deployed and they're planning for a wedding when he returns.

As I'm running through my mind I think that's everything! All is fabulous around here :)