Saturday, September 26, 2009

What to do

Sgt. just left for work so it gives me some free time to be a computer bum. I mean, I could be a computer bum while he's here but he's just too much fun to hang out with. Since I already cleaned the apartment last night while he was in the field until midnight... I am back to my blog.

To be honest, I have been thinking about my blog a lot lately. What to do with it? It's not really that I don't have blog worthy events happening in my life... there are lots and lots of really gushy and cheesy moments throughout the day that I love bragging about. Teaching gives me an entire book full of silly stories and quotes. We even have a bad day around here from time to time! I could blog about Tennessee more and how I'm adjusting, but to be honest... there wasn't really any adjusting... I really just fell into this place so nicely and comfortably that the story is really very short. I could blog about the rain.

Did you know that it has rained here EVERY DAY for the last TWO WEEKS.... I haven't seen REAL sunshine in two weeks folks! Did you know that Texas, my old home, had 90 consecutive days without rain this year.... now there IS an adjustment.

Honestly though, the great, wonderful, and mushy moments - although happen all the time, every day - they seem either too personal, something I just want to share with him, or they seem too braggy. It's silly, but this blog for me was always an outlet. Sure I had my moments when I just talked about my day or what was going on, but the majority of it, and most of my best writing took place when either I couldn't talk to Sgt. because of the deployment, or didn't want to talk to him because we were going through rough stages.

Now that we are on a completely different level of communication, and now that every day with him just gets better and better, and now that he is the person I always run to to tell every story good or bad... I just don't need my blog like I used to. I miss some of the friendships I felt I developed through the blog, and I really WISH I had this compulsion to blog like I used to but it's not there like it used to be. I still love reading everyone's and really enjoy going back through mine to relive some of those moments or to see how far we've come, but the parts of our life that I feel deep down really are extraordinary, can never be explained the right way through writing it down, so I just don't.

So, what to do now. I have thought about closing my blog for good. I've thought about starting up a public one for our family and friends to keep up with us, since thankfully this blog is still unknown by most of the people in our life. I've even thought about trying to just blog about the silly everyday stuff. I think I would enjoy it if I could get into it. Maybe that's all I need to do, just get used to this different type of blogging now that our life isn't in a constant state of warp speed :). Because boy do I LOVE the everyday with him. The silly, normal, constant that is us and our life right now.