Thursday, January 29, 2009


Proof that I have potential to trick myself into believing I know anything about gardening, or that I will ever be capable of being the perfect image of wonderful homemaker and Marth-Stewart esq extraordinaire! beautify a home one day!
Look what I made! Or grew? Ok, so I watered it... that's all... but I'm proud of myself! This little beauty has been growing on the filing cabinet next to my desk for a few weeks now and it's the first thing I've ever grown from nothing to something. Sure I can keep things alive (which to be honest was all this involved...) but I checked the roots and tugged to strengthen and added water and... didn't do much else, ok fine, but it still smells good :) Flowers make me happy.

I feel like such a bad blogger lately. "You haven't blogged in a while" says my boyfriend one night while on the phone. If Sgt. is mentioning how long I've been away then I know I must not be keeping up. I know he checks it from time to time but he's hardly got a 1/4 of my insistent and impatient streak... "I know but I just don't have much to say, all I've got is how wonderful I think you are and I'm sure people get tired of reading that." "riiiight."

Plans are still in motion for moving up there! Every day is one day closer and I can't wait! I'll be up there over Valentines weekend and a couple weeks after that I'll be cashing in on a one way trip :). It still makes me all warm and fuzzy when he talks about how excited he is. We've slowly started to let the news out to friends and family. We agreed in the beginning to keep it to ourselves so we could avoid the outside influence. We didn't want our family or close friends to try and sway us one way or the other, even though we know they have the best of intentions, we wanted to do this on our own. We wanted it to be our decision and succeed or fail, to know we did it with a clear mind of what we were doing. So far the reaction has all been supportive and happy.

That's really it. Other than moving and working my life is day to day. Nothing bad, I'm happy! Just not a lot going on. Oh, I did my taxes today! umm... I've been looking into going back to school to get a CNA or LPN (LVN) certification once I get to TN, still thinking on it though. Oh, and I'm jealous.

Wait, what?

That didn't come out right.

Ok, fine, it did. I'm jealous. I thought a lot about if I wanted to blog on this today... honestly I was looking for another way to explain it but it's best to get it out there, I've got a jealous streak. And not the fun, oh my gosh I'm so jealous of those shoes! Kind of way. No. I don't even get jealous over the fun stuff... I'm happy for you, wonderful shoes, but I am happy with my life, what I have, and grateful, but it's come to my attention that I'm somewhat... have a streak... of jealous girlfriend in me.

Not the psycho, "Hi, I'm sure you've heard of me, stop talking to my boyfriend" kind of way.... I SWEAR (honey, seriously, you know I'm not) I'm jealous is in the "I talked to so and so the other day!" "oh yeah? How is she? (refraining, literally forcing myself to not ask, "what did she want? What did you guys talk about?)" It's like the good angel and the bad angel on my shoulder.... because the HONEST truth is I'm glad he's got those friends, they sound like nice girls, heck maybe WE could even be friends one day too, who cares if once upon a time they had a thing for/were in love with my boyfriend. Oh, wait. That would be me.

And I don't care, really, because I am one of the biggest "Yes, you can be friends with an ex" advocate. After time of course, but I see no reason to hate or never talk to someone who you just don't work out with romantically. But I do care. In fact, IIII am friends, strictly friends, hows the family? Hows the new girlfriend? Congrats on the baby! kind of friends with a few of my ex's. Unless it really bothered Sgt. and he felt uneasy about it, I'll continue to be friends with them. Double standard much? That's why it's so frustrating, I don't want to be jealous, I know with my whole heart he loves me, and that he wants me, that he has no interest in seeing what else is out there, and I know he chooses me. That I'm his person, and that he's my person (you know the person you go to with the good and the bad and the everyday) and that the fact that he's able to move on from the past hurt and remain cordial and friendly to these girls is just another testament to his character.

I'm not the jealous, eye dagger, snooty kind of jealous. I'm the... "ok... but I just don't want her to one day call and say 'Listen, I know you have a girlfriend, but I'm in love with you... I miss you" and you to say "sorry, but we can still be friends" because I know girls... and we're persistent. And dang it, I don't want someone else wanting my boyfriend! Especially someone he would have coffee with to say hi. I don't want her fantasising about having his last name and getting a dog together... those are my fantasies... :-/. (Ok, that sounded a little spoiled brat...)

God Bless the man, really, because he's incredibly patient. We had this conversation last night and the whole time he never got upset or annoyed, he was telling me about a conversation with one of these ladies and I could feel that feeling. And then we talked about it. And he just kind of laughed and gave advice and reassured and did everything I needed and wanted and more. No, he's not excusing it, and doesn't think it's ok, but he can understand where it comes from and knows it's not that I don't trust him. Really. Because if he said "I think I'm going to grab lunch with so and so" My first, second, and third thought would not involve him cheating on me or disrespecting our relationship... I'm just, jealous she's having lunch with my boyfriend.

Oh my gosh, I get his point now. He said something last night that made sense, sort-of, but I think I just got it. He said that he knows the jealousy thing isn't about him... and that he believes that I trust him and that he's been there before so he knows what I'm talking about, and he said "it has to do with ownership..." "I do not feel like I own you" "No? ok, probably not in the obvious way or even in a rational, that's how you think you feel way... but sometimes there's a sense of entitlement behind it all" that's not word for word but close enough... and you know what, the fact that I just said "She's having lunch with MY boyfriend" and definitely got the image of me yanking him backwards like little kids do with toys when they don't want to share, makes sense.

And no, I don't want to share. And yes, he's my boyfriend... but deep down there is probably a sense of you're mine, and she can't have you. When really, it's he's mine because he wants to be mine. I have no idea if that makes sense in writing but, he'll be glad to hear I think I finally get his point!

The short of it all is that he respects how I feel about it, and is willing to meet me in the middle on it and make sure that he's not doing things he thinks would appear shady to me and he's being patient and not getting upset or defensive when I admit that I get those feelings. And also, I really have nothing against these women. They've never done anything either that I felt crossed a line or was obviously wrong (except letting this guy go, but I'm willing to give them a medal for it if need be.... their loss is my gain)... I immediately feel bad for getting that jealous feeling, so it's not that I LIKE feeling this way... *sigh* I'm working on it. I'll work on it. Maybe we can have them over for dinner one night... would that be too weird? I'd go to dinner with my ex and his fiance if invited. Maybe he and I can talk about it.

If they step in the other room to talk and close the door though.... it's on.

Like I said, I'll work on it!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

short and sweet

This is my five seconds that I will talk about the inauguration and recap my thoughts as I watched the whole thing:

-CNN has too much background noise
-I never knew Randy Zuckerburg, co-creator of facebook, was a woman
-Jenna Bush's husband looks like the all American quarterback
-I wonder if all the first ladies had to coordinate their outfits so no one clashed or was too matchy matchy.
-Sasha and Malia's escort (lady in pink coat) looks cranky and rude, I hope that's not their new nanny.
-Loved Rick Warren's opening prayer.
-Aretha Franklin can wear whatever she wants.
-Yo-Yo Ma makes me smile because he's very smiley while playing Cello.
-I just recited the VP oath with him because it's the same as the military oath... I know too much.
-Wow, that's a ton of people.
-President elect Obama looks calm
-The Chief Justice should have practiced the oath a few more times
-I thought for a second those cannons were someone actually shooting - scary.
-He is definitely a good speaker... I just hope he is also good at taking action
-Ok, the comment about men and women fighting overseas always gets me... still, and he's home.
-The poem was ok.
-Why the white people always gata be wrong, huh?!
-If I was Former President Bush, I'd be relaxing at home tonight with blackout curtains, a strong drink, a home cooked meal, and absolutely no TV on.
-Congratulations Mr. President... don't let us down!

**** Ok, on to my life now ****

So... the move is coming up! About six weeks to go :) Sgt. and I continue to talk about things we need to get done between now and then and it's awesome, :) I love it. Last time it seemed as though our tentative move date was looming and it felt very heavy and stressful, this time, while there is still a lot to get done, it doesn't feel like the time can come soon enough! I can't wait to be there, and he shares the same feeling. I love that we are just enjoying this time and the steps along the way, I love that we are taking it slow, (I know some people wouldn't consider me moving in with him slow but hey, to each their own) and not committing ourselves to a house in a year and a wedding in a year and a half.... we're committing ourselves to what we can, to live together and to enjoy each other in the same city, on a daily basis for 6 months and from there, we'll see where it leads us. If it does lead us to a house in a year and a wedding in a year and Ft. somewhere in three, then it will without us pushing it.

To be honest, for a self admitted planner, sometimes I struggle with not having it all planned out... but then I think about him and how confident I am in us.... he is the plan. How it all happens will be revealed in time and I'm ok with that. I'm ok with our life being an adventure, in fact, I'm kind of freakin thrilled about the thought!

We talked a little bit the other night about how we think in the next few weeks our arguments will increase due to stress levels and just wanting the move to be done with, for me to just be there. It calms me to hear things like this, I love that we are so committed to it and are also being expectant of certain bumps within the process. To me, it says that we're in it together, that we know it's not going to be a cakewalk, but we'll make it through the process together, and if we were wrong and it's not the right timing then it's not and we'll work on that from there.

I'm trying to put a to-do list together of things I need to get done over the next month. The idea is that the last week will be spent packing up and visiting people and not spent running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Maybe I'm a little too optimistic but, I like having a to-do list anyway.

Any tips that helped you make a smooth move? I'm always open to suggestions! P.S. For those of you who'd like to help, say a prayer for me that I'll find a good job!

Did I mention that I can't wait?

Friday, January 16, 2009

I need your help

Does anyone out there know how to center your sidebar titles? They're always pushed to the left but the pictures will be centered and it's annoying the crap out of me. I tried the HTML < center > thing and got nothing.... any other ideas?

Err... I mean center the pictures... am I making ANY sense? Any at all?

Mix-Matched updates!

Well it's Friday, and who really has the fortitude to focus solely on one thing for very long when it's Friday? Not me. It's that time again when I have lots of little topics I wanted to blog about but nothing that's really interesting enough on its own, however, with their combined power (trying to think of that line from the Captain Planet cartoon.... drawing a blank...) they could possibly meld into something interesting! Maybe? *shrug*

On the moving in with Sgt. front, things are still moving along! We're both really looking forward to it, I'd venture to say it comes up at least once a day as a topic of conversation.

The other night I was reading through a cookbook of mine (Lindsay... I blame you) while he was watching TV at the apartment (yes, we hang out on the phone.... and I love it!) and I was mentioning recipes that sounded good and made a joke about how "This is all really about the kitchen honey... I'm excited to see you but lets be honest" and he laughed and said something like "I can't wait to cook with you in our kitchen" - did you catch that? Ourrrrr kitchen :). Cue the swooning and sappy post about how I am so in love with that man.

They always say hindsight is twenty-twenty, and looking back, it's easy to see how we weren't quite ready or as confident about our decision. Granted, a few months isn't a long time in the grand scheme of things but in those few months we were able to survive a very difficult time together, and through that, we learned more about each other. We learned to communicate better, and learned how to support and love one another best. I would say that this time isn't as idealistic.... it's not all thinking about sunshine and furniture placement and deciding when we're getting engaged but I feel more confident in us than ever before. He is without a doubt the love of my life, my best friend, and the person I rely on and run to. We are both so looking forward to this opportunity and in about 7 short weeks, we'll finally get it! :)

On the running and exercise goals front, I've done alright! Mostly stuck to my training plan and logged about 7 miles this week so far! Ran 22 min. the other day without taking a break which isn't bad for starting over. My biggest problem is wanting to push myself too far and not being patient with my body. I opted for a timed two mile the other day on my "easy day" because I didn't feel like the prescribed work out was enough, but my running mentor and Sgt. both told me that I have to give my body time to catch up, to recover, and to get used to it. The easy days are what that's for. Fiiiine. I'll get there, I just have to keep reminding myself to be patient. DAR, I actually went back to re-read your posts about when you first started running and seeing how far you've come is a big encouragement! So thanks! It's frustrating when you were at a certain athletic level and then you dropped off because you were "busy" instead of keeping it up. I just want to be back to where I was but I know it will take some time. Slow and steady, right? When I'm finally all moved up to Tennessee, I look forward to running and training with Sgt., he's a great encourager but won't let me wuss out, which is sometimes what I'd like to do :).


So last night at the not-so-glamorous second job, I was called a f-ing C by a customer because - are you ready for this? - Because his receipt didn't have a date on it. No, I'm serious. Nothing was wrong with his order, nothing took a long amount of time, his receipt just didn't have a date on it and was "F-ing unacceptable." He wanted us to call the cops. - As Sgt. would say, I think Darwin was an optimist. Did I mention he was wearing a plaid button down and driving a purple mini-van? I hope I see him at church on Sunday, since he looks like the stereotypical youth soccer coach and local deacon. This, my friends, is the type of thing you hear about right before the eye-witness says "And then he pulled a gun out and just started shooting people" Thank you Mr. Crazy Man, for giving me something to laugh about, please take some medication and don't ever come by there when I'm working again.


There you have it folks! Another day, another post :).

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Want to know a secret?

Someone once told me that sometimes people mistake patience and waiting as faith.... when in reality, more often, faith is taking action, doing something, and believing that things will work out, or at least work out the way they're supposed to. I think it can be both, but I particularly like this thought today. :)

See... if we were talking in real life I would tell you that I have some news to share. You might become interested, or excited. I'd act all nonchalant.... talking about goals and that faith quote up there. You would probably begin to get irritated and say something to the affect of "Spit it out already woman!" I'd sort of smile... enjoying the anticipation of telling you my good news...

That's all very likely, but the truth is I'm sort of nervous to tell you my news. I mean... what if I spit it out and jinx it... ok, so I don't really believe in that, but should I? Or what if I say it and get excited and then something happens and plans fall through? The time frame isn't long but as most of us know, a lot can happen in a day... imagine weeks, months? Maybe I worry too much? I'm quite the over-thinker.

Oh, but my excitement and joy and "Why not? Let's just go for it!" attitude is way surpassing my nerves. The thing about it, is that I can make excuses all day as to why a different time might be better, I should save more money, or I should do this or that first.... I can think about the "What-if's" as much as I'd like... "what if something goes wrong?" "what if I'm not ready for this responsibility" but maybe... maybe for once those aren't the what if's on my mind... maybe the what if's are - what if this is exactly what is supposed to happen, and the pieces just seem to be falling into place? What if you are finally getting the opportunity you've both wanted? Because, I'm EXCITED.... and sometimes, it's ok to just go for it, just do something, be mindful, but don't be scared. Want to know what I think? Lots of people, probably even me, could think of reasons not to - but I only need the one reason why it's a good idea. And I'm blessed to have more than one reason.

It's a good idea because I want it, because I love him, because he loves me, because he asked. It's a good idea because we will finally get the opportunity to try on our life in the same city. It's a good idea because life feels off balance when we're apart, and because when I lay in bed at night the empty spot next to me reminds me of a time when there was no choice about the empty spot... a time that a lot of you are going through now, and now there IS a choice about the empty spot. The empty spot could be replaced by him, my best friend. It's a good idea because it's progress and even if we learn it was a bad idea in hindsight... we learn, we grow, we'll know a little bit more then, than we know now.

It's a good idea because someone once asked me "So, KJ where do you want to be?" and I looked over at a man who was in mid conversation, who turned around, smiled at me, and squeezed my hand three times. And when I turned back around to look at the person who had asked me this question, the answer came easily "Wherever he is."

Sgt. asked me to move in with him :) - I told him to take a week to make sure that's what he really wants - but he seems very sure, very excited, and it would appear that a plan.... is already in motion. :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Great mood!

If you're in a cranky mood or have a general aversion to happy people today, don't read this post. I'm just warning you. You might walk away with the "Well, aren't we just a ray of freaking sunshine!" attitude. :) - see, it already began with the smiley faces.

I am in a GREAT mood today. Great. For no particular reason, just feels like a great day. Things are wonderful, my hair looks good, and I am happy happy happy :). What's so great, you ask? Not sure really. I mean, on an individual basis I guess the stuff is pretty par for the course, nothing but a small blip on the excitable scale, but when combined they make for a very smiley KJ. (Just for you, I avoided inserting a smiley face there... but I wanted to!) - Casey over at The Ever Changing Life of a Military Wife has this phrase she uses - "I big pink fluffy heart *insert thing*!" - and Casey, I hope you don't mind but I decided that I love your phrase and would like to use it today, it fits perfectly!

I big pink fluffy heart:

* Texas weather! It was 77 degrees here yesterday and is supposed to be about that today as well! Ok, so it's not a constant and we're supposed to be in freezing temperatures by this weekend, but yesterday I walked in the grass barefoot folks! It was so warm and perfect yesterday I actually couldn't stand being inside! When I got home from work, I put my purse inside and went immediately back out to soak it all up!
* Mrs. Bairaids bread because I FINALLY found SMALL loafs of bread! Living alone, I don't eat an entire loaf of bread before it goes bad... and so every few weeks there is a waste of bread thrown in the trash. Last night while grocery shopping I was starring at the bread and literally said "Gah, why can't they just make a half loaf or something!" When my eyes drifted to the top of the shelf. There it was. *choir singing*
* My boyfriend - because he's amazing and works really hard every day at everything he does. Whether it's at loving me, or at his job, at accomplishing his goals, or helping me accomplish mine. He's been out of this world caring and supportive lately and I can't imagine my life without him in it. Everyday I feel incredibly blessed to wake up and fall asleep to the sound of his voice.
* Pier 1 because last night I made a quick stop over there and they had a HUGE store wide sale. I found these two side tables that I fell in love with and wanted to purchase immediately... 50 bucks marked down from 100 (a piece) - the tops were orange, yellow, and dark red sparkles. Yeah, sparkles! I didn't buy them because I couldn't justify spending the money when I'm trying to save as much as I can.... but to just know there is sparkly, yet tasteful sparkly, furniture out there makes me happy :).
* Sunmaid for finally putting Craisins in individual boxes that I can take as a snack to work!
* The fact that Generation Kill is out on DVD finally!
* Did I mention yet, that my boyfriend is wonderful and makes me feel like the happiest woman in the world?
* I start training for my running goals (5K race, 10K race, 10 miler race, 1/2 marathon - through November) on Monday and while I'm in fair shape and enjoy working out, running is definitely not my forte. So, I'm going to start from the beginning. I could just start running a couple miles and see where it takes me but in the past I've found that after those two miles, life sucks and I just want to go lay down somewhere, so I doubt that's the way to get into running shape. Per the advice of a friend who does a lot of running, I'm going to start with the basics and build from there. I've got my runners world tailored work out prepared and I'm excited to start challenging myself! (if you wonder why I'm starting Monday instead of today, it's because I'm anal and the schedule is created by weeks starting on Monday - and it will throw me off too much if I start in the middle because I'm weird like that) - anyway, point is, I'm excited!

So there you have it blog world. I'm in a great mood today! Now if only I can figure out a way to get all that laundry done without spending two hours at the laundry mat....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Two birds

Caroline over at USO girls tagged me in a survey-ish thing! Thank you Caroline, it's always nice to feel the love :) So, I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone and do my six non-important things about myself PLUS add six things about my trip that might be quirky or interesting. Heck, maybe they're not, but it's worth a shot! Anyway, point here is you're getting a two-fer so I hope you enjoy it! (or that it distracts you from less fun tasks) Here we go!

As with all tags in the bloggy world there are rules, and here are these:

1. Link to the person that tagged you Done
2. Post the rules on your blog As we speak
3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself Momentarily
4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs Will prob. tag less.
5. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website. I'll do this one for sure
6. Let your tagger know when your entry is up. Sweet, can do!

the above mentioned six non-important (why do they have to be non-important?) things/habits/quirks about myself:

1. I can't stand the sound of people blowing their nose or anything of the like. If I wasn't a warm weather person anyway, that reason alone would be enough to dislike winter and all the colds it brings along. People who know me best automatically step out of ear shot when they have to blow their nose. More than that - haulking lougies (is that how you spell it?) - You know that scene in the Titanic when they're standing on the ledge? That would NEVER be me.... I would throw Leo off the boat before I listened to him do that repeatedly. I don't know why, but it really makes me cringe, it's like I picture peoples snot in slow motion or something. Gross. Gag. Ok, end of booger rant. I hope I get over this before I have children.

2. As previously stated somewhere in this blog, and as Sgt. enjoys mentioning any time I say I'm not a neat freak, I iron my sheets. Not every day. Not straight out of the dryer. However, if I'm changing sheets to new clean ones that have been folded and stored away, they get ironed because I don't like them all crinkled. It doesn't bother me if they are wrinkled after they're first put on... but it's just that first making the bed thing.... first getting into them.... I like them ironed. If ironed sheets is wrong, I don't want to be right!

3. I wear jeans, t-shirts and flip flops almost daily to work.

4. I'm thinking about shooting to try and run the Army 10-miler this year.... and now I said it "out loud" so I really should start trying to plan that out.

5. I was my college mascot my freshman year. Really.

6. Two years ago, I tried to join the peace corps. I had to hault my application process for specific reasons, and I think everything worked out the way it was supposed to, but sometimes I still think about it.

And now 6 things about my holiday trip!

1. I spilled food on myself at at least one meal every single day of the trip. I even spilled wine on Sgt.'s step-moms floor while playing a slightly inebriated game of Canasta. Talk about embarrassed. Luckily no one seemed to mind and Sgt.'s nice brother cleaned it up since it was my turn...

2. Sgt. and I went to see Four Christmases. While it's your typical holiday movie, we both really liked it!! It was a great start to our time together since we were going to see family so for the rest of the time we would look at each other randomly and say "Mistletoe!" or "Next year we're feeding orphans in Mexico" - If you've seen the movie you know what I mean :). Also, the dinner and a movie my first night there was a surprise date from my wonderful boyfriend :).

3. We traveled on Christmas eve. Got to the Nashville airport around 8:30am and arrived at Sgt.'s Step-mom's house at about 12:00am the next morning. In between all that, what happened you ask? Well, we were delayed due to weather, missed our connecting flight, rebooked for a flight into Canada, drank mudslides in Nashville, Margarita's in Detroit, got pushed aside and shut out of our Canada flight due to having a birth certificate, not a passport (which they used the BC to confirm our flight and a sign flashing right next to the gate agent clearly said "US citizens traveling to Canada need either passport, birth certificate, or naturalization papers"). Had to talk to two supervisors, one of whom before saying ANYTHING to us, or hearing our situation told Sgt. to "Calm down sir" as she walked up.... Uh... lady? That was the wrong idea. As Sgt. walked away to avoid screaming and to call his brother and ask him to turn around (since he was already in Canada on his way to pick us up), she called security and asked them to come up since there was a "belligerent military man" upset about his flight. Which pissed ME off... since I was not about to watch him get hauled off to a Detroit jail for doing nothing but walking away before he actually DID lose his temper to said gate agent supervisor. Heinous Bitch (as we will refer to her) "Did us a big favor by overbooking the last flight out to final destination" and gave us some 20 dollar food vouchers without so much as an "I'm sorry you were screwed over all day being told you could board this flight without a passport, and I'm sorry one of our agents screwed up and used your birth certificate to confirm the tickets." So we headed back down to the bar to drink more margaritas. Got on our Overbooked not even half full, big favor, flight and vowed to never fly Northwest Airlines again.

4. One of my favorite parts of the entire trip was the fact that Sgt. and I always went upstairs to go to bed together, and in the morning (excluding one) we always went downstairs together. Before going to sleep at night and before getting out of bed in the morning we would get to cuddle and talk and joke around and just be generally loving and mushy to one another before facing our next task. Numerous times he told me how much he appreciated me being there, how much he loved me and why, and gave the kind of hugs and kisses that make you feel a little dizzy afterwards. It was out of this world amazing, one of the best trips we've had together, and he made so sure that I knew how much he cared. He was constantly looking out for me (making sure I stayed warm) and I can't brag enough or tell you enough how wonderful he is and how much he means to me. I tried to tell him how much it meant and how much I've noticed that he's been trying hard to make sure I know how much he cares, but I can never tell him enough. I am so in love with that guy :).

5. I saw a frozen lake for the first time ever!! Sgt.'s comment was "Well honey, I can see now that if I ever am at a loss for ways to entertain you I can just open the freezer! You get awfully excited about frozen water!" He of course was just teasing and being funny, and I thought it was hilarious... but seriously, that lake was awesome!

6. Sgt. had to work on New Years Eve. Since we had just returned from our trip the day before, I wasn't really in the mood to go crazy anyway so I figured I'd stay up to watch the ball drop, get in a midnight phone call to him, and hit the hay. Sgt.'s shift is from 11pm to 7am so we said our goodbyes as he left around 10:30 and I promised to see him "Next Year!" The ball drop quickly lost it's luster and I was sitting on the couch with the TV off, reading, waiting for midnight to happen so I could talk to him then go to sleep... when about 11:55 rolled around. Suddenly, I hear his car pull in the drive way :). "No way" I thought. Then the door started to unlock, and in he comes with a big smile on his face. When he agreed to work that night, he arranged to have about 30 min. off so he could come home and ring in the New Year with me. It was quick, he came in, I was surprised, he turned on the TV and we stood there holding each other against the arm of the sofa chair, kissed a long kiss as 11:59 rolled into 12:00 and said goodbye again until morning. But it was so much more than that for me. He knew it was important. That last year, he was thousands of miles away and that my New Years kiss was on the cheek by my best friend Amy, and that this year.... he was home. That this year, he had the opportunity to be there as we stepped into a new year together full of adventures and new experiences. And be there he was. It meant the world and I hope he knows that. He wasn't just "home" from Iraq... he was home with me, and that was extra special!

Ta-Da! 6 and 6 - If you made it all the way to the end of this thing, you rock. You get the coveted "I rock" award. Way to go :)

And now for tagging:

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hello 2009, nice to meet you.

WOW. I can't believe I went this long without posting. Truth be told, I've only even been on a computer maybe four times since I've been gone... which is impressive considering most of my life can be tracked using one! I feel bad... like I should have put in for leave or something... woe is me to have left you all hanging and not staying up to date with all my favorite bloggers!

There is lots to tell... which, lets be honest, probably won't all be told because parts will be forgotten or left out due to time restraints and a courteous length of post rule... but I promise to give you all SOMETHING within the next day or two!

Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!
(since I forgot both of those)

a short summary of the last two and a half weeks is:
Sgt. made the Dean's list! Whoo hoo whoo hoo
Northwest airlines can shove it...
mudslides are an acceptable alcoholic drink at 10:00 am... really.
Nothing like brain teaser riddles with your boyfriend to make you appreciate team work.
The north is COLD - and Sgt. and I have made a vow to never voluntarily move somewhere we have to import sunlight.
I like those folks... they're good people.
Yay for wine tasting!
Yay for wine in general
We kick ass as a team in any game... if they'd ever let us team up
It's hard to teach people canasta
It finally snowed
Well, they only lost my luggage
He loves me because he tried to watch an entire two episodes of Army Wives with me, after making me breakfast :) (among MANY other reasons)
Best New Years surprise ever :)
I'm really proud of him for getting his own place, and I'm super excited for him!
Made D.A.R.'s Artichoke and sundried tomato stuffed chicken... AWESOME
Babe, you just bring me the stuff, and I'll get it all packed for you *swoon*
I love you, and I'll see you again soon... I had an amazing time!

Talk to y'all soon! :)