Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hello, is anyone still there?

I have been a terrible horrible blogger since the move to Tennessee. Every time I log in to see how everyone is doing, I am shocked to see I still have followers. The good thing about a blog though is it's always here... no matter what I can come on back and have a chat. It's not even that I have nothing to talk about, LOTS has happened since the last time I blogged, I guess it's just one of those things. When you stop blogging it's hard to get back into the steady flow. I'm going to make a new years resolution... I know, it's a little late, but I am commited to bringing my blog back to life! Whoo hoo!!

Keep reading though, I promise there will be lots to come! Good things, nervous breakdowns, excitement, probably some stress.. all kinds of good blog fodder :). You see... the next 9 months should be quite exciting.... Come October 16, 2010 an entire part of me will change....


My last name... :)
As of December 13, 2009.

Talk about surprises. If that face doesn't say it then I don't know what does! We had talked about an engagement. We'd even gone to look at rings. That's why I had played out the day and scenario in my head a million times, and was sure it would happen after the holidays. Sgt. figured as much, so he made other plans.

It was a cool cloudy day in middle Tennessee. We just left church and were deciding on what to do for the day. Sgt. mentioned a trip to Arrington Vineyards might be fun since they probably had their Christmas lights up. Arrington is a beautiful winery right outside our hometown, set on rolling Tennessee hills. On the weekends you can often find people picnicking on one of the many tables or chatting around the bonfire. The minute it was mentioned I didn't give it a second thought, we had been out there on weekends before and it was something we both enjoyed so I heartily agreed.

We stopped for lunch in town before heading out and before we left Sgt. snuck to the back to call the Vineyards to make sure a certain picnic table was still available. The last time we were out there, Sgt. pointed out a picnic table at the very top of the hill. It looked out over the entire winery and he suggested that next time we should sit up there. When we got out to the vineyard we grabbed a glass of our favorite wine and trekked to the top of the hill. We took some pictures together and chatted. Then Sgt. turned the conversation to a memory of last year when we were in Vermont for Christmas. Sgt., Sgt.'s brother Marine, and I went out to Boyden Valley Winery in Cambridge, VT.

"Ya know, this is kind of turning into a tradition for us. We went to a winery last year around Christmas time."

"You're right! That's neat, I like it!"

"I think we should start a new tradition."

"Ok, what did you have in mind?"

Sgt. then slid down on one knee and said "We should celebrate every year, the day that I proposed to you. I love you more than anything and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?"

So sweet and heartfelt and all I could muster was an excited

"REALLY!? Are you REALLY proposing?! REALLY!!?"

"Yes, honey, REALLY... will you please say yes?!"