Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Belle of the Ball

Well it's that time of year folks... the ROTC annual "spring" formal is this February 4th and I need a dress.

I'm taking any and all suggestions really.  I've been to a couple of these things already but the dress I wore last year was an overpriced HUGE mistake and I really didn't even feel pretty in it.  The dress I wore prior to that was lost somewhere between moving... sad, cause it was a keeper.  I know that for most balls a knee length cocktail type dress is appropriate but since this is in-between Army world and not real Army world... it's a little different.

All the dates tend to wear long dresses... and even though I know in the real Army it's appropriate... I don't want to be "that girl" who wore a knee length cocktail dress when everyone else wore long upscale prom type dresses... ick. I don't know, I'm still toying with the idea.  Here's what I'm thinking...

Or the standard simple, long dress.  This one has some beading on the top around the bust.  Subtle but a cute detail.

Both of these are feasible options to rent.  Yes - I said rent. From Renttherunway.com but I figured I'd get your opinion as well!  So, what do you think?  Go with the shorter cocktail length dress? Go with the safe long dress?

Better yet... do you have something you want to let me borrow?  I'm about a size 8-10 fairly short but I promise if I'm borrowing it I will wear tall shoes or figure out a way to clothespin it up at the bottom... trust me, us short people can figure it out. I'd prefer no bright colors but I'm pretty open.  My biggest factor is 1. cost and 2. cuteness.  Cost because Sgt. has not let me live down the ungodly amount of money I spent last year on a dress I do not like... and I'm just not prepared to do that again.  Cuteness factor because lets be honest... I really want to look the best. Bottom line.

Any suggestions?  All are appreciated.  Oh and like I said, if you want to let me borrow something, I'd be more than happy to e-mail you my address :)

** New details... it's almost certainly gata be floor length.  Like I said... in-between Army world can be a little bit different and the "battalion commander's" wife told me that they were making the female cadets bring their dresses in to be approved, and that people with cocktail length dresses were "sternly talked to" - erring on the side of caution.


Lindsay Gray

I think that without trying them on, the long black dress would be a great option. That cut/style is for sure going to look amazing on you (not that the other one won't, but the black one is a sure thing).

I do really like the shorter ones color though! Oh decisions decisions....

And thank you so much for the advice/inspiration today. It was desperatly needed and I'm already feeling better just having voiced my problem! I would for sure make a trip down for 4/5 families or sessions. It could even be a mix of boudoir too (hint hint)!

I might be coming there in mid-may to 2nd shoot a wedding, but I'm still not 100% yet. I'll keep you up to date!


I have this adorable eggplant Bill Levkoff you would look smokin' in... but unfortunately, the seamstress took it in up top too much... ;)

My vote is for the shorter one! You have lovely legs to show off, as well as a petite frame that would look amazing in that first one! I dislike the full-lengths. Prom was years ago.