Tuesday, March 3, 2009

8 days

Well, we're 8 days away from the big move! Packing is progressing along nicely... although I have no idea how I ended up with so much stuff. I think gremlins are sneaking into my apartment at night and putting things conspicuously around the room, because there is absolutely no way I have acquired that much stuff, right? RIGHT?

This weekend I said my first "goodbye" and it was probably one of the hardest ones I will have to make. It was my brother. My brother and I are extremely close and if that didn't make the goodbye hard enough, he's kind of going through a rough time right now so it stinks feeling like I won't be here for him in the months ahead. That's silly though, I will be there for him, I'm only a phone call away, and Sgt. and I will be back to visit soon enough... like I told Sgt. though, relatively speaking, I won't see most of these people (the ones I'm saying goodbye to) much less than I see them now, it's just that now I know I am states away, and not just a couple of hours. I am still confident in the decision I've made and I couldn't be more excited about it... I can't wait to be there with him, to be home, but closing a chapter is always a little hard.

This weekend I dragged my brother to the San Marcos outlet malls to shop with me. I got throw pillows for our couch and bed at the Pottery Barn Outlet.... for $35.00 y'all!! 5 throw pillows, and two inserts (they didn't have the other sizes so I'll have to order them) for $35.00. Need I say anything else about why I love that place? (yeah, and gremlins are the reason I have so much stuff packed/to pack)

Other than all that, everything is going pretty smoothly. I don't feel rushed or stressed as of now. I'm hoping that I arranged everything in a timely manner so that I can get through it easily, but we'll see. 8 days left! Can't wait :)


The Mrs.

goodbyes suck, but how exciting to be moving in with sgt!

good luck with the rest of your packing and think of it as a good time to par down!

High Heels & Combat Boots

good luck with your move! I just came across your blog. I will be moving for the first time soon, also, when my husbands training is over. We'll see how that goes...