Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I have a blog, right?

Hello out there. Can anyone hear me? It's me, KJ... I vaguely remember having a blog before moving. Sgt. arrived without incident and it was wonderful to finally say hello to someone and not just goodbye.

We got lots of visiting done today, and my wonderful boyfriend installed a new stereo in my car as a surprise for our trip (and because I've had the most god awful radio for two years)... oh and we got the storage shed. Yep. We're going to head out tomorrow around 6:30 pm, see my folks, and take a short nap. We'll hit the road and then we'll be home in TN by around 10pm Thursday night... exhausted, and dead tired, but HOME! I can't wait :).

Sgt. walked into my room Monday night and while I was in the bathroom washing my face I hear him call to me from the other room.. "So honey, which half of this is going with us and which half is going to storage?" "hahaha.... half? Umm... everything but that box in the front is going... right... it'll fit right babe?" he's quiet for a moment and then I walk out to see him, he looks up at me with a smile and says "uh... yeah... sure, we'll see what we can do."

Hahahaha, half. Men.

I apologize for my sever lack in commenting and posting... I'm hoping to emerge from my moving bubble next week sometime. Until then, take care. See you on the other side :)



See you then! Hope moving and all goes smoothly.


Same here! I'm here with LT, but I'm only half-moved because the majority of my stuff is still in my house in PA, helping it look "staged" for the real estate process. Yikes!

Hope you guys have a great trip! Can't wait to here about life in TN. :)