Sunday, June 7, 2009

Life is good

So Sgt. and I were goofing off on the computer the other day when he went to my blog link and I knew I hadn't posted in a while but a whole month? Seriously? I don't think that's happened since... well.... ever?

Honestly? Life is so completely wonderful and going so well... I have nothing to say, other than just that. It's great. SO SO Great!

Sure, Sgt. and I have had our disagreements since I moved here. I think I've stomped into the house on more than one occasion, but nothing that isn't solved by the end of the day. Still though, coming up on three months living together and I still look at him and say "I love our life together"

Just last night Sgt. was sitting out on our back porch that's right off the living room. He had the door open because we were chatting, and I was leaning on the couch thumbing through a book. He was quiet for a minute and then he said "Ya know, looking into our home at night like this... it really looks... homey, like a home... it's been a long time since I've lived somewhere like that... thank you honey." Cue the huge cheesy grin on my face. And it's true. I love our life here. Tennessee has been good to me, I love my job and I even got a huge compliment from what would be the equivalent of our superintendent the other day. She got me a gift card because she just happened to visit our school and was "blown away" with my room and me, and everything I had done. I could've been walking on clouds the rest of the day, I'm tellin ya. The best part though, is of course, him. Our life is wonderful. It's content. It's growing. It's learning. But above anything else it's loving and full of life. We don't do gloriously exciting things every weekend. Some days we cook dinner together, other days we order out, and some days, we don't eat dinner together at all because of our schedules. There are days when the apartment is a mess and both of us would like to clean it, but we'd rather spend the two hours we have home together, together, and not cleaning, so we leave it be. The laundry isn't always done and sometimes we're even snappy and frustrated. He is annoyed that I wait until the dish washer is packed full before starting it in order to save water... because we're left with no dishes. I could stand for him to actually wake up the first time the alarm goes off so that fifteen minutes of my morning isn't spent trying to coerce him out of bed :). But that's our life. One I wouldn't change for the world.

Out of all the ordinary there is the extraordinary. This morning he came home after working the graveyard shift. Up all night and the first thing he does is quietly close the bedroom door so he doesn't wake me. I wake up an hour later at the sound of the same door opening and this gorgeous man walking in with a tray full of breakfast for me. Breakfast in bed, for me, after working from 11pm to 7am. Why? Because he loves me he says, because he's lucky he says, and then he makes a joke of personal nature ;). And that's not the first time he's done something wonderful like that.

I suppose I could blog a lot more, but it all seems so simple when I go to write. I'm happy. So wonderfully, blissfully, sickeningly happy. My day is pretty much the same every day. I wake up to the person I love, I get ready for work, he helps me rush around the apartment to find the things I've forgotten, he kisses me goodbye, I head to work where my day is filled with "Ms. KJ I love you." and also "*student* please stop. Is that something you're supposed to be doing? No? Then make a better choice" I chat with co-workers and then head home after work to a smile at the door, some kind of dinner, and an early bed time. But I feel more alive than I've ever felt.

So there you have it. Things are going wonderfully. I have been keeping up with reading the blogs, though I've been a crappy commenter and I apologize. The good news is I'm so wrapped up in what I'm doing here I don't sit down a lot to talk about it. I know some loved ones have returned home and some are getting ready to leave. Congratulations and good luck! I do still think about my little blog family out there :)

Hope everyone is doing fabulously!



Good to hear from you! There's a quote somewhere out there that about happiness not much can be written. :)


Good to hear from you. You have one very sweet boyfriend! Breakfast in bed sounds amazing!