Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pearls while road marching

Here's a nice recap of the last few days since I've been meaning to post since Saturday!

This weekend was really great! Really, we had one of the best weekends and we never left far from home (and honestly spent very little money).

So Sgt. is training/getting ready for Air Assault school which is coming up in... oh... 8 weeks? August. Anyway, Air Assault (I was going to put AA but... didn't want anyone confused on were he's headed) has this 12 mile ruck in a 3 hour time limit. So, Sgt. tells me earlier in the week that Saturday he's going to walk to the University and back. Well my first thought was "cool, can I come?" and since I don't really have much of a filter I said "Cool, can I come?"

Saturday morning rolls around and our goal of a 8am departure turned into around 10am but head out we did. Sgt. was in his ACU's with a ruck sack and about.... 20lbs(?) added. I was in normal workout attire and to top it all off, a baseball cap and pearl earrings. I'm pretty classy, what can I say? The truth is I wore them just because I really don't take them off often, they're my every day earrings, but it amused Sgt.

Well all in all it ended up being a little over 4 miles and really a good time spent together. We talked and joked around, all the while attempting to keep his pace. The only problem there is that the man is a good 8 inches taller than me and I have short legs to boot so in order to keep up I was taking almost two steps to each of his. There were a few times where I was over compensating thinking "I don't want to walk behind him because I don't want him to slow down thinking he's got to hold back for me, he's supposed to be training" but after being asked three times to quit speeding up because I was throwing off his natural pace I figured a step behind wouldn't kill me.

Sunday we did the normal household chores and errands and then we decided to go hiking at one of the national battlefields close by. We packed a picnic, the camera, and headed out! That was a lot of fun too! Just spending time together.

A lot of pictures were taken of me, none of him because he's much more fond of snapping the photos. And after walking probably a mile we found an off beat trail and laid out our blanket. I had a blast and later that night in bed we talked about what a great weekend it had been.

THEN.... yes, there's more, yesterday was just one of those days. By 8am I had already called three different companies concerning one problem or another. Trying to deal with getting my car totalled out (which by the way, I think if someone hits you, and they end up totalling your car and that car is completely paid for, they should add 5,000 dollars to your settlement so that you can actually afford to buy another car ....which will likely require you to now budget for car payments.... grrr) and when I got to work I had to sit in the parking lot for about 5 minutes to finish getting the cry out and compose myself. It didn't get a whole lot better from there.

Sgt. knew it had been an awful day (because he had to hear about it multiple times) but he kept a really calm composure and was extremely reassuring and encouraging for me. When I rolled into the door around 7:45pm I was beat and just glad to be home. He helped me set my stuff down and wrapped me in a big hug and then took me by the hand and led me into the bathroom.

When I walked in the door there are candles lit around our tub and a hot bath that was drawn only a couple of minutes before. He kissed me and told me just to relax. After I got in the tub he came back in with a glass of wine and I'm completely speechless. I just kept smiling like a fool and saying thank you. Strange part is that this is not the first, or even the second time he's done this on a bad day of mine... I'm just always still so surprised and thankful that he's who he is.

After my much needed bath he brought me a robe and finished up dinner while I sat and just watched him. A little Michael Buble mix on Pandora and a faux fireplace screen saver playing on our TV.... life doesn't get much better than this.

Now it's today. He's sitting behind me studying for a physics test he's got tomorrow. We ordered Chinese food and had a beer earlier. There is a basket of laundry sitting in front of me that's saying "no, you don't have to fold us tonight... we'll wait... you can always throw us back in the dryer if you want..." and now he's actually reading his Physics out loud. Yep.... really, I just hear the words "kinetic energy"

Life still doesn't get much better.



I remember when C was getting ready for Air Assault. I was never tempted to go on any of his practice rucks!


Aww what a sweetheart! It's so nice to have someone wonderful to come home to after a crap-filled day.


Geeze, before Mark went to air assault he tried to ruck 3-4 times a week. There are 3 ruck marches actually, and they save that long one for the very last day when the guys are completely worn out. He'll have a good time though if he likes athletic challenges. Mark really enjoyed getting away from the everyday. I NEVER wanted to walk with him though. 5am? 8 miles? No thanks.

Glad he's so good to you and that living together just gets better.