Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One Month!

Well, here we are, officially married a whole month!  Now, typically I'm not into celebrating monthly anniversaries - I tend to forget which day it is the whole ANN as in annual or anniversary (to turn yearly).... so Sgt. gets away with the one date and I don't have to set fifteen different reminders about the day start figuring out my own definitions for long standing words and languages. Trust me, I don't think he minds in the slightest.  However, I will break the rules for the first one because hey, it's cool to say I've been married a month!  (and six months when the time comes)

We've had an amazing month of wedded bliss.  Here's what I've learned during this first month of being married:  Hardly anything. Yep, I know. I said it. Some of you might remember a while back (circa 2008... wow) when I posted THIS.  How my biggest fear about moving in together and living together meant that it wouldn't be any different when we got married.  Well folks, I'm hear to tell you my biggest fear has pretty much come true.  And you  know what, it's not that bad!  I mean really, we were incredibly happy and in love before, and we are still incredibly happy and in love.  Not a bad place to be.  I still do the dishes, and he still unloads the dishwasher.  I still get home late, and he still gets up way too early.  On the weekends we run errands, go to the grocery store, and clean the apartment.  He will still grab me and dance around the living room with me when there's a good song on the tv or radio.  We still eat like college students sans a few nights a week.  Life is amazing.  Why would I have wanted it to change?  It's funny how the things you're scared of sometimes work out to be what's best.

It's not that NOTHING has changed.  For example, I started doing the Sunday supper thing I posted about a few days ago.  And I call him husband now. Oh, and he introduces me as his wife now, which is pretty great :).  I mean there is definitely that idyllic honeymoon period where we're all "We're MARRIED! I love you!" but we're pretty happy anyway.  I have a new last name now... which is neat, and is taking some getting used to! (sometimes I forget that my card has my new name on it and sign the wrong one... oops).  He wears a ring now, which makes me smile to see, and I have an extra sparkly one on mine (which, lets be honest, I LOVE.)

The question I get asked most is "Hows married life?" and my response is always "Great!" because it is... but life with him is/was great anyway.  Not a bad place to be :). I love that we're married, and that I can call him my husband but I'm also glad that life didn't take any more drastic turns... I think we'll have enough of that in the next two years (which I'm SO SOOOO excited about!!) so for now... I'm ok with things being the way they are.