Wednesday, December 1, 2010

To Bridalplasty or not?

Ok... I have no idea why I'm watching this, maybe it's because it's the first channel I flipped to when Sgt. went to study and I saw an airman in uniform and a bunch of women oohing and awwing.  I've seen a few commercials for this and wondered if I'd want to watch it.  I must say I'm a sucker for trash TV...

While I'm not really for or against plastic surgery as a general rule I wonder how Sgt. would have reacted if I said I wanted to go on a game show to win a bunch of plastic surgery for our wedding.  You're about to get married... do you think your future husband wants you changing up on him?  Of course there is the "They love you for what's on the inside" and while this may be true, I can't help but think that I wouldn't have gotten the same reaction from Sgt. (huge smile, deep breath, trembling hands.. I still love thinking about it) if I had gotten head to toe plastic surgery before the wedding. 

I did watch Bridal Boot Camp when it was on VH1.  Really over dramatized but I watched anyway.

The current challenge is to put a puzzle of their "future self" together, then grab a syringe and head down to the "First class injectables party!"... yowza

I may just stick with Jersey Shore as the tip top of my trash TV tower.

** Oh my gosh!  The way they send someone home is by saying "I'm sorry... your wedding will still go on, but it just won't be perfect" How sad!