Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Gone to the dogs

Well, I said I would post a summary of my dog sitting adventures so here it is. Dog sitting is not quite over yet.... *sigh* I have to watch the little ones again this weekend but it's only a couple of days and I'll be busy at work with our family weekend so they'll be left on their own the majority of the time.

It all started with these two

Tooter and Cricket. They look nice enough don't they? Mmmhhmm. They're nice... when they are given their 5 different treats each morning and night, their peanutbutter covered medicine and their own personal spot on the bed. (A TWIN sized bed might I add, and everyone knows a princess - the dog, not me - likes to sleep right in the middle). The majority of my time inside the house was spent perched up on something like those cartoon house wives you see jumping on chairs when a mouse runs into the room. I would sit in chairs cross legged and as far back as I could so that they couldn't reach me.

I know this might make me sound awful, but I'm really not. We did go on walks, we played with their toys (and trust me there are many!). Here's a picture of the duo with a favorite stuffed animal of theirs.
After almost two weeks together though I believe we were both glad that Grandma and Grandpa came home.

After Tooter and Cricket, the son of Grandma and Grandpa and his wife asked me if I wouldn't mind watching Ruger and Gunner, their two Brittany Spaniels over night. "Sure" I agreed, it was only one night, I had already been sitting the divas of the dog world... these two laid back guys shouldn't be a problem.

Ruger and Gunner are a lot of fun! They're both roamers. I can see them out my office window during the day wandering around the camp and chasing squirrels. They're pretty easy going and although I haven't spent a lot of time playing with them, I figured it's one day and night... nothing wrong with that.

This is Ruger, trying to figure out what the heck I'm taking a picture of. You, silly! The two chased each other around the house all night and eventually tired themselves out and retired to their quite plush beds located in the master bedroom. I was watching tv in the living room while the kids slept, but Ruger decided he wanted to see what I was up to, so he came and relaxed in the living room after a while until I went to bed.And now, last but certainly not least, my FAVORITE dog in the entire world. My friend Sancho (and for all you Spanish speakers, NO that's not what he IS, that's just a very old nick name people have been calling him for over twenty years.) comes out here on some Tuesdays to play basketball with the other guys from around the area, it's a little pick up game the directors put together... camp people are a tight knit family, what can I say.

Sancho has a dog named Gus, and Gus has been my buddy ever since he started hanging around camp with his pop. Sancho is a camp person as well, we've worked together the past couple summers and he's also a great friend, Gus became my friend by association and now it's very possible Gus is a closer friend than Sancho :) (I'm KIDDING...). He knows how much I do adore Gus though so he brought him out one day for some fresh air and basically so I could play with him while the guys played basketball.
Isn't he a stud :). We went and walked around and went down to the river so he could play... he's braver than I am. There is no way I'd be getting in that water in late March. After the river we walked around some more and Gus found a tennis ball that he liked, so that consumed the rest of our evening, but it was fun!

Once he got tired enough he figured he would just lay down and then play with the ball in my lap.
All in all it was a good two weeks. I don't plan on making this a career though... thanks pups! It's been fun :). I've been wanting a dog really bad and now I'm just thankful I can play with everyone else's!