Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So I was just thinking....

(anyone remember that episode of Everybody Loves Raymond? No?)

So I was just thinking...

That I need boxes, but I'm too cheap to pay for them, and I don't need many, just a few. What I really need are those ginormous zip lock bags that you use to store blankets and stuff in! Hmm... Wally world?

That I have a problem. A, I love looking at furniture and day dreaming, problem.

That it's single digits until my last "Visit" to Tennessee.... after that it'll be Home! :)

That Sgt. is one of the most encouraging and calming people in my life. Stress for me sort of becomes a boiling pot... and unattended to will boil over into other areas of my life. But he has an incredible way of letting me know everything will be ok, and that I need not worry so much about the micro details, they will come together. It's nice to be able to count on him for that, and I can only hope that I do the same for him.

(warning: rant) That trying to use a Spanish accent while speaking English to Spanish speakers does not make them understand you better, you just sound like an idiot. Now, I'm a Texan, and while I don't claim to be bilingual, I can get by, and I can EVEN appreciate a little spanglish from time to time. Ex. Yo necessito mas storage bags. and yes, a decent accent when speaking the Spanish language is welcome, just like any other foreign language.... but putting a Spanish accent in your mouth while speaking in complete English is STUPID. STOP. YOU'RE DRIVING ME NUTS.

That I'm going to miss this place... but leaving on a good note and while still in love with it is the ultimate reward and I am so incredibly excited about the future.

That I really hope he can go to the Sapper school this summer! Cause I know how much he'd like to, which makes it important to me.

That I'd like to go see an old high school teacher before I move.

That it's actually probably a good thing I'm not going to the rotc ball with him this year. Even though I really enjoy the events and getting to meet the other people he works with and their significant others (networking anyone?).. trying to coordinate getting back up there and yet again trying to figure out exactly what does "formal" mean, in this case for freshman in college.... Prom dress? Eww. all whilst trying to tie everything up back here in order to move... yeah, it's better this way. We can go together next year. Plus he is going to be one of the people in charge of putting it all together and he'll be working the whole time so it's better this way :).

That motivating myself to run at the butt crack of dawn when it's cold is difficult... but I'm working on it.

That I wish it was Friday already!!

& last but not least... I'm really blessed. Really, really.



When is he going to go to Sapper (potentially)?? Hubble will be there May-Jun. And our friend is going to be the commander this summer!


If I lived nearby I would totally donate a ton of boxes to you. :) Ask around at work!

I am so excited about moving to live with LT, except in my case I am totally over living where I am now. But either way it's super awesome for both of us. Squeeeeee!!! :-D

Can you tell I'm hyper today?


Oh, boxes. Liquor stores always have a ton of free boxes. Same with grocery stores. Just ask the manager!

If Sgt wants any tips on trainup, hubble has been busting his rear. Gotta have the 6 pullups and 12 miles in 3 hours for the ruck march.

Hopefully if they have more interest than slots, they can get more slots. I know the class Hubble is going to be in is not even full! If we are still around and you come with, let me know! I will show you around glorious FLW (harhar).


I wish I had known you needed boxes. Just last week I threw out 40, used only twice, uhaul boxes.

I went onto craig's list to find people basically giving them away. I also found a site that's something like For $20, a chick in Houston gave me around 50 boxes. Sweet, right!