Monday, March 16, 2009

Tennessee Two

Good morning good morning!

I'm in a good mood, sorry for all the cheer fullness, I know it's a Monday and the last thing anyone wants on a Monday is that upbeat person fluttering around but I need to be in a good mood today, I need to be positive and upbeat because today I need to find a JOB.

A job, along with my camera cord, an iron scrolly thing, and a couple of other miscellaneous items are about the only things left that I have to locate. Ever since we arrived on Thursday night I've been unpacking and rearranging and putting things up on walls (only to have Sgt. come and help because for the life of me I can't hang a damn thing straight). It's been fun, and my wonderful amazing boyfriend has been absolutely encouraging in all my decorating desires. Not that I've done anything crazy... no paint and very little moving of the furniture. A few pictures, vases, and wall decor here and a bathroom rug and shower curtain there, but he seems to like it!

As soon as we got here Thursday night (after Sgt. drove the entire 18 hours himself in rain the ENTIRE time) there was no adjustment period needed to feel like home, it already was home. Even though the very sweet "Welcome Home!" sign Sgt. made and put on the wall was greatly appreciated :). (it's still up by the way lol.) The apartment and I are well acquainted, mainly because it's been housing the one thing that is always home to me, him. TN town and I will get to know each other with time. I'm still not quite sure where to find everything, but I successfully navigated my way to the grocery store, Target, and a restaurant to find sweet tea yesterday so I'm starting to get a feel for it.

When I left Texas everyone kept asking me if I was ok. "I'm good" I'd reply. I didn't have the heart to tell them the truth: "I'm ecstatic! I can't wait!" Sure, saying goodbye to my work family was a little difficult and saying goodbye to Sgt.'s family was hard. Saying goodnight to my dad and hearing him recite fatherly advice for long trips in bad weather made me smile and miss him before we were gone, but Sgt. was always there and it was easy to see where I was heading and why. The decision couldn't have been easier. I kept expecting some wave of sadness to hit, and as we were driving out of the hill country I got a little choked up when I said something like "Wow, I can't believe this is the last time I'll make this drive for a while" but all in all.... it's wonderful. I couldn't be happier to be where I am, and with who I'm with. He makes it right. Who knows, maybe it'll still come in time, but I somehow doubt it.

Ok, now to find a job. (Maybe if I say it like it's so easy I'll start to believe it?)


The Mrs.

good luck finding a job and navigating the town. At least you know where target is, after that what else is there?!


I'm so glad to hear you are there and everything is goig so marvelously. Here's hoping you have good luck with the job search!


I'm with The Mrs, you've got Target covered, the rest is just extra! :-p

Glad to hear things are great, *love* the welcome sign! Too cute!

I'm still job hunting as well, will keep my fingers crossed for you. :)


Good to hear you're settling in and getting things all nice and cozy! Good luck with the job hunt!


How is the job search going? I need an update!



Yes, pump that music UP! :)