Sunday, July 5, 2009

He saw me in my Spanx


For a little background here, I don't know if anyone else out there owns a pair of Spanx but they are these wondrous little body shapers you can wear under any clothing to smooth everything out and hold anything in. I bought mine while in college and have loved them ever since. And yes, they are the obnoxious and embarrassing from-under-the-boobs-down-to-mid-thigh kind. (And now that I've said boob creepers will be here in no time.)

Actually one of the first times I ever wore my spanx was under the dress I wore to Sgt.'s Cav ball. We had been dating about two month and when I got dressed at his apartment (I lived about an hour away) I left all of my bags in his bathroom so that once we got home from Cav ball I could make the "I really have to pee" excuse and cruise in there to take them off in case... ya know... Annnnnyyyywwaaaayyyy

Well yesterday I was putting on my insanely cute red white and blue plaid dress for the day. Sgt. was laying on the bed and I'm standing half in and half out of the closet. When I came out to twirl around and receive my adoring compliments :) he said "It looks great babe! You really do look great, I don't know why you don't wear more tight fitting clothing, all your dresses seem kind of poofy"

I might preface this part with the fact that I've lost about 6lbs since moving here. Yay me!

True, I'm very fond of the A line dress and the empire waist. I just think they're flattering on me. That is his definition of poofy. However, I've also got this little bitty, not so flat, although not fat tummy thing which is where the Spanx come in handy! Not to mention the fact that I don't really have a lot of places to go that require corsets or skin tight dresses....

But ok, I'll see how this plays out honey.

"Well I just think these are more comfortable, but I have that bridesmaids dress that's pretty form fitting."

So now we're playing fashion show and he's absolutely enjoying watching me dress and undress in all these dresses.

I put the bridesmaids dress on which is made out of that silky-satiny material that grabs and hangs on to absolutely every single curve one has. Even if your panties create a little hug in the waist, this dress shows it. *eye roll* but I wore the thing. So I put it on for Sgt. and he oohs and aahs at how fabulous I look. And me being he woman I am point out my not flat-not fat tummy thing and mention the spanx.

He insists he doesn't know what I'm talking about and says I look great, but he is intrigued by the mention of watching me try on something else.

So I agree to try the dress on with the spanx underneath.

If you have ever had to put these things on, you'll start laughing about here. Because they're tight. And to get into them requires a fair bit of stretching and jumping. Plus they're not cute. So I go into the closet to find them and I show them to him in all their not-yet-stretched-over-my-body tiny glory and then head back to the closet to change into them, out of sight.

My plan was to put the spanx on, put the dress on, and then come out.

His plan was different.

When he saw me heading back he was like "no no no, just put them on." "What, here?" "yeah" "this is not going to be sexy honey, I promise, just give me a second" "please?"

After more back and forth I agreed to come out once they were on... just so he could see them on.

Yeah really.

And his response? "that's awesome babe! That kind of looks like those one-piece wrestler suits!"

I did put the dress on over it to prove my point but he insisted there was no difference and I look great both ways. Such a wonderful man, don't you think? :)

I can't believe I just mortified us but in fairness, I did say while this was all going on, "I'm going to blog about this"

Two years ago the mere thought of him knowing I even had ON Spanx was horrific.... now I'm parading around our bedroom in them.

Atleast I know he really loves me!



Hahah!! YES!!! I love this post so much -- all of my friends alwaysssss talk about their spanx!!

I'm kinda secretly jealous of their club.

Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life)

Love me some spanx too :)


I LOVE spanx - don't know what I did without them! Still would die if my husband saw me in them...