Monday, October 25, 2010

The bedding debacle of 2010

So... we registered for bedding, and then the bedding that we wanted kind of disappeared.  So while shopping one day my Step Mom insisted she get us bedding and that there was this great sale at Stein-Mart and she knew we would find something there.  So I went... and I was swept up by sale prices.  Words like "20 piece set" and "Under $200.00" flashed before my eyes and I'm a fan of any good deal so I picked out one I thought was not too feminine and not too plain.  With 20 pieces because of course I want the matching throw pillows. 


I got it home and took it all out and immediately had buyers remorse.  I hate it.  It's completely not my style.. way too busy... it's this aqua and sea green color with bold patterns on it.  But I could deal if it was just the look (maybe).  It's also cheap fabric.  It's this poly synthetic-itch-awkward-burns when you try to iron it- kind of material.  I hate it.  It looks cheap, it feels cheap on the skin,  and when our cats scratch it, it sounds cheap. Hate it!

And.... that wouldn't be so bad even if it wasn't too big for our bed!  I have no idea what I was thinking or why I thought that a queen sized set would fit on our full sized bed... but I did and I was wrong.  The bed skirt hangs off the ends.. it's just ugly... all of it.

SO... here we are and I am begging my new husband for new bedding.  Of course... he sees none of the imperfections I do, but it's driving me insane.  I feel like our bathroom and our bedroom should be where we splurge on nice furnishings if for no other reason... than it's just peaceful, and it's a bedroom we enjoy being in.  But I can't find bedding I like in a full size. (que whining and incessant foot stomping here)

I want bedding that matches.  I want bedding that is lighter in color with soft luxurious sheets.  I want a little bit of color/pattern but not overwhelming.  I want some texture, but not big texture.  And I want it in full size.

Any ideas?  Anyone?!  I need help!  I want something like this: Bedding

Sleeping in Horror.



Have you tried We got a super soft duvet cover (it's solid, though), a down comforter to go with it, and a separate quilt set to give us the pattern for really good prices. I've been really pleased with it. We did splurge on sheets from BB&B, but they had them like 30 or 40% off at the time and we said it would be our 2nd anniversary gift to each other since that is cotton! :) Just a thought!