Monday, October 11, 2010

Going to the chapel... 4 days away!

Well we made it to Texas on Friday after a very stressful drive!  We woke up at 1:00 am and left by 2:00 am - with four hours of sleep we hit the road, hoping to make it to Austin in time for Sgt.'s 6:55pm flight.  The drive was insane.  We barely made it to the airport in time for his flight when we found out that it had been delayed. Great. 

Did I mention that my fiance was nice enough to get up crazy early JUST to make the drive to Texas with me and then fly straight back to TN?  He will seriously do anything if it means I will be a little bit safer or a little more happy.  I love him.

He eventually got back to TN and I eventually got on with my bachelorette party :)  lots of fun in Austin and now that the week has begun I'm in full wedding planning mode.  Well, more wedding-putting-together I suppose.  Most of it's planned, now it's all about the execution.  It still hasn't hit me that we'll be married this weekend!  I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm a ball of energy, But I think that all of the to-do's are keeping me from seeing the Saturday aisle stroll.  Or maybe it won't hit until my fiance is here, in my arms?  Who knows. 

For now I'm going to try and enjoy this time with my family and friends, and enjoy my final days of being engaged... it really has been a fun and amazing 9 months.  Nothing compares to seeing him get down on one knee... or that first call you make to your family to tell them the news. I thoughtfully and slowly wrote out each note to my bridesmaids and closest friends to ask them to be a part of my special day.  I remember the first time I slipped into a wedding dress... and the first time I slipped into MY wedding dress.  Picking menu's and invitations... changing the font from script 1 to script 2 because I didn't like the way the e looked.  I loved watching him pick out his wedding band, and loved it even more when he proceed to "try it on" sporadically around the house for the last 5 months.  I had so much FUN taking our engagement pictures... and I cried when I saw them for the first time.. they were so fitting for the two of us, I felt beautiful, and I couldn't wait to show the world how we look in love.  I remember dipping into our wedding fund to put a down payment on a new car after the flood took my old one. But it was ok, because THIS was planning for a marriage, and not for a wedding.  I remember the tears leaving the church and feeling defeated, and I remember the struggle of deciding on a wedding venue that we felt accomplished all the aspects of our wedding that were important to us, especially our faith.  He fought so hard for me to be happy and was willing to move mountains to give me the day that I wanted... he wouldn't let anyone walk on me, or turn our special day into a debate. He is my hero. There were many back-and-forths over the menu and the flowers.  There was a last minute cake decision and a last minute hair cut that wasn't exactly what I'd hoped for, but in the end they both worked out.  My shower was filled with love and happy times and I was so proud of myself for all the "All about Sgt." questions I answered correctly.  I must have set aside 7 different father-daughter dance song options and can't wait for my dad to get home tonight so we can go through them together and pick one.  Did I mention I've cried a lot?  Excited tears, frustrated tears, happy tears, hurt tears... and yes, there is a chance I'm crying now thinking about all that this next week will bring.  I can't wait to spend my life with him.  There is still lots to be done... the favors need putting together and the rehearsal dinner needs to be confirmed.  The wishing tree needs to be "planted" and I still have to drop off a check to the caterer.  But the rest of our life has already begun, and as we close the door to our engagement we're opening the door to our future... which is looking mighty bright my friends.  I can't wait!