Monday, June 9, 2008


I got nothin'.

It's strange to think that although the past two weeks have been some of the most hectic of this entire year to date, I have nothing to blog about. Sort of frustrating to think about.

Camp has started, and busy is an understatement when finding words to describe how things have been around here! Most of it is just the preparation leading up to the opening day... which was yesterday, but now that kids are here I think it'll mellow out the next few days.... Maybe. I hope.

I did have a couple days in there where it just seemed as though Murphy (ya know, as in Murphy's law?) had it out for me. I was e-mailing Sgt. nearly twice a day just to vent, and because I just wanted to talk to him. To tell him about my day. To hear him say "it'll all work out darlin'" He's my person. Ya know, the person when something happens, they're the one you wana tell, whether it's good or bad. And he was on a 4 day mission which made him difficult to get a hold of... but e-mailing helped.

When he came back in, he replied with even more encouragement than I could've hoped for. Something I love about the man is that he's very supportive and encouraging. Not in an enabling way, but somehow he finds a way to get me to be more positive or gives me what I need to go the extra mile, without ever coming off as pushy or insensitive. It's awesome! Especially during those times when you really need it.

I sent his birthday package the other day, along with the first "monthly" package since R&R. The birthday one was fun to put together. He asked me not to send a bunch of stuff he'd have to carry around since, if he gets GOOD news about Green to Gold it's likely he could be leaving Iraq very soon (soon as in, Army terms soon... so whatever that means :) ) and he doesn't want the extra stuff. So instead of sending things I sent food. I made cupcakes and cookies, which took up a large portion of the box. Then I turned it into a birthday party in a box! Complete with candles and icing for the cupcakes, balloons, a happy birthday banner, cards, confetti, tissue paper, and a present :). I was actually pretty proud of it! It looked pretty... and I love it when he calls to laugh at me for getting confetti all over the place, even in Iraq. (he's lucky I don't do glitter in the packages or cards cause that's not nearly as easy to clean up!!) I know he told me not to get him a gift, that it could wait, but I couldn't resist.

I wanted to get a voice recorder so I could send him a message but it turns out those things are kind of expensive lol. So I opted for the next best thing. I went to the toy section in the local store and got one of those voice changers. Ya know where you say something and then you can turn a knob and it alters the sound of the voice when you play it back? Yeah, that! Got one of those (under 10 bucks) and left a short and sweet message (short cause it only lets you talk for less than 30 seconds!) and then turned the knob to regular... no altering. This one even had a locking button so that way the message wouldn't get changed or distorted on it's way there!

"Happy Birthday baby! I miss you so much, and I'm always thinkin' about ya!" - I think it's as good a present as any :)


Jrzy Army Wife

The recorder is a very cool gift. He'll prolly play it out til he distorts your voice,lol.


birthday in a box... what a great idea! hope he gets his good news soon.