Thursday, June 19, 2008

We are so blessed

I've been trying to write this post for the last two days. I just can't find the words. It still almost doesn't feel real. Our lives are changing before my eyes and I'm just looking at it, starring, in wonder.

He called me two days ago.
"Hey babe, listen to this" - Sgt. loves to tell stories, about anything really, so this is not an uncommon precursor to a conversation. "whats up?" I smile on my end of the phone and wait for the rest of his story, which I'm expecting to be something about the guys all wrestling at the COP or an Iraqi family offering them felafel's and chi again.

"Dear Sgt. Last name, First name Middle Initial, Congratulations! You have been awarded a four year scholarship through the Army's Green to Gold program...."

He kept talking but I couldn't hear him. The phone connection was fine, but I gasped and then started to tear up. At some point he stopped talking and said "are you still there?" to which I replied "I am SO proud of you babe!!" he said something else, again, not listening. "Congratulations! So what's next?" "Well they also sent a letter to my commander who recommended me so I have to go talk to him and they'll have to release me, I'll go back to Germany and process out, which will take about two weeks, and then I'll be back!" I think I'm just mumbling congratulations and cheesy things and then the phone connection started to go back so he told me he would try and call again later, that he was going to call his family to let them know.

I hung up the phone and just sat there with a huge grin on my face. HUGE! The kind of grin you get when you're smiling from your soul. He's coming home. For four years, no one is going to shoot at him. He'll be honorably discharged from the Army for four years, be able to accomplish a goal of his, and then get back to doing a job he loves. We will be in the SAME time zone!! Are you kidding me? We've been in different countries, on different continents for about a year and a half, and now he'll be an airplane ride away?

God has already blessed my life with this amazing man. He's given me a life that I love, surrounded me with people who have supported me and loved me and been wonderful friends... and now he's given me this. This gracious gift that is more than I could have ever hoped for. He answered our prayers. I am so beyond thankful.

A while later, he wasn't able to call but he was able to get online for a little bit. He was excited but cautious. "Nothing is for sure until I set foot on US soil" "I know, but just let me be excited please :)" "haha, by all means darlin', I'm excited too. I can't wait to come home to you!" He's out right now, but within the next couple of days I should get to hear if he talked to his commander and see what was said, when he'll get to leave Iraq.

Sgt. has already started talking about when I might want to move up to Tennessee. It's something we're thinking about and talking about. While I want to be close to him and am excited about this new chapter in both our lives, I want it to be a smart move. We won't be living together if I move up there, so I want to have a new job lined up, an apartment, everything settled before I get there. I don't foresee it happening soon, but it's fun to think about. :).

I am so unbelievably excited!! I'm so proud of him!! I'm excited about what this means for our future together. I am still in awe of how blessed we both are and so incredibly thankful.

Thank you for all of you out there in the blog world who said a prayer for him, or for us. It worked! Please continue to your hearts content!


the student

Oh my gosh, congratulations!!! Every time I pull on post lately, there is a sign for the local university's Green to Gold program and I say a quick prayed for you guys. I hope the transitioning process and move goes very quickly and very smoothly for you guys!!

Lindsay aka Corn


That is amazing news!

I'm so happy for you!

Eric S.

Congratulations. Dumb question , whats green to gold?


Thanks so much guys!

Eric - Green to Gold is an enlisted to officer program. Simple terms (as I understand it) is that the Army is allowing him to get out of his enlisted contract early and paying for him to go to school while participating in an ROTC program and upon graduation, gaining an officer.


CONGRATS!!! That is such good news :)

New Girl on Post

Congratulations to him! What an accomplishment and what a great blessing to the two of you.



nuff said right! : )

Jrzy Army Wife

That's awesome. Congrats for you both!