Saturday, June 28, 2008

Update on life

I've tried to sit down and write a new blog about 5 times already. I get a paragraph or two in but it just seems to not flow well, or I get distracted and am no longer interested in what I was writing about... this is my 6th attempt and I'm hoping to make it all the way through. Just a disclaimer if you will :).

Things here are good, just VERY busy. Most people do not know this, (or likely care at all) but working in the camping industry is not really a job. Much like the military, it is a lifestyle. I live here, I work here, my friends are here, I eat 3 meals a day here, I. am. always. here. Don't get me wrong, I love love what I do. The people here are amazing. I truly believe in what it is that we do for children, wholeheartedly and without reservation. But often times, mostly during the summer, I feel very cut off and secluded from the outside world. I've talked to my best friends maybe 3 times since the beginning of the summer. My only source of news is what I can check online. I haven't watched TV (not that I watched it much anyway but still...) in months and I can't remember the last time I did laundry... although I did it at SOME point cause I still have some underwear left.

*3 hours later after walking away from my desk... I continue*

We got some more good news for Sgt.! He's been trying to get the command in charge of the ROTC he'll have to enroll in, in Tennessee to cut his orders so he can get out of Iraq. Hadn't heard back from them until yesterday morning while he was online with me (great timing!) - they said that they'd sign them and forward them on that day! (lets hope they followed through) He's been out again since then so I'm not sure if S1 got the orders yet or not, but they told Sgt. as soon as they get them they'll give him a date.

*5 hours after the last sentence... I WILL finish this post!*

I miss him a lot today. I'm almost cranky, in fact, over it. I don't have a bad feeling or anything like that... and I have faith that God is watching over him, but I think it's just that worry of something being too good to be true. Of course I thought the same thing about him and it turns out he's exactly who I thought he was :) Such a relief! I keep reading stuff in the news involving his unit or his AO and, well, lets just say it's not all good news. He's been out a lot lately too which adds to the anxiety. It's a good thing work keeps me so busy, and probably the same reason I keep myself in the office until after 9:00pm every night, that way I'm not dwelling on the time it's been since we last talked or since I last heard from him. We DID get to talk online Monday night, and he got to see me on webcam (I didn't get to see him). He was being incredibly sweet... as soon as the feed for the camera started working the "omg... I MISS YOU"'s began. It's nice to feel wanted and needed... especially from that far away.

*Pause for important phone call*

YAY!!!! That was him! I'm not kidding, it's freaky sometimes the way we are connected. All day long I was cranky and just really wanted to hear from him... and there he was. :) Poor man is exhausted... he didn't even know what day it was. I can tell he's tired. He said S1 gave him a tentative (meaning, it WILL change, no matter what they say) date for leaving Iraq and it's SOON! Thank goodness. He will still have to process out of Germany, but as long as he's not being shot at maybe I can sleep at night again. God I love that man. It never ceases to amaze me how just hearing his voice is all I need. No matter what I say, he always counters it with something like "Well if it does half as much good for you as hearing YOUR voice does for me... then I'm doing something right" I can't wait till he's HOME!!!

Having him home for leave was amazing... I wouldn't have changed it for the world. But I can't explain how thankful I am that he's coming home soon. I don't know what I would do if I had to wait another 4 months. ("wait" my conscience says) - leave was amazing, but it's such a tease. Having him here, sharing those moments together after so long, and then sitting in an airport terminal watching his plane disappear.

Here's to all of the women who have done this before, who will do it again, and who have certainly been stronger than even I could hope to be.

Quote for the day: "Whatever our souls are made up of, his and mine are the same"



ohh i love your quotes sometimes.

I am so happy that he will be home soon. I know you are happy just to be on the same continent. I know people have a lot of bad to say about long distance relationships, but I stand by with saying that when two people are used to being separated, deployments are easier to recover from. Thats at least how me and a girlfriend of mine feel.

I hope the military doesn't jerk him around too much with getting home. We had a lot of problems for R&R and friends of ours leaving the war for Special Forces training were also jerked around a bit. Wishing you a strong heart and mind, and as much patience as it takes to get him home and back to you.


I hope it goes smooth for him. S1 can be sneaky little fellers sometimes but its just more good practice for the whole hurry up and wait thing I suppose.

Enjoy camp!