Friday, December 19, 2008

Baby, it's cold outside!

Well time is drawing nearer for my big trek across the country over the holidays!

Tuesday early morning I will leave for Tennessee and then Sgt. and I will board a plane the next day for Cold Northern State! I'm starting to get anxious, as I do before most trips. I am so excited, but of course there's all the stuff that has to get done between now and then! Trust me, there's a lot of it, I know... I have been making the list! One thing on the list is

  • Buy shoes you can wear in the snow!

You see.... I love shoes but I have never really had to buy a pair of boots that are purposeful... adorable, yes but purposeful... no. 'Round here in Texas Y'all... weather is unpredictable this time of year, but even if the unspeakable happens (Read: Snow flurries) it usually doesn't last long and there is really no reason to change shoes. Of course.... last Tuesday, the unspeakable DID happen, and although I didn't need to change shoes for the 30 min. snow shower (ok ok... dusting...) it DID remind me that - "HELLOOOO you are going near Canada, that white stuff you never see, IS THERE... what the hell are you planning on wearing missy?!" - yes, I really do think these things to myself.

So, off to shoe shopping I'm going (soon), - This is the perfect excuse to buy some new boots! This is completely necessary and while I don't want to spend the money, I will sacrifice for the greater good. Although Sgt. would go to great lengths to love me and take care of me.... dealing with frostbite or pneumonia is not exactly a theory I want to test.

Back to the snow though... what exactly does a Texas snow down here in the hill country look like, you ask? Now, before I post these pictures.... don't make fun. Don't make fun of ME anyway... this was definitely picture worthy... we don't see it often! And I promise, I saw actual flakes of snow... not sleet, but the dusty white stuff. Ok, I'm done making excuses..

(The hood of my car after the "storm")

And this is what I'm traveling to:

Yes, I think new boots are definitely in order. And maybe more new sweaters... God, I'm going to FREEZE! Of course, there is always the added bonus of extra hugs and cuddling when one is cold, maybe this isn't such a bad thing after all ;)!



Lol! I always drag my feet on buying practical clothing/shoes as well. It's just not as exciting to buy boots or sweat pants as it is to buy that perfect pair of heels...


Lucky! I'm stuck in Florida, where snow isn't even a fantasy. Where you're going looks gorgeous. Enjoy!


Get those boots chica! And post some pics. ;)

Eric S.

LOL, I just love the reaction down here in Texas to snow. We got some of that storm in DFW also, but not much. The snow is one of the things I miss most about my Colorado Mountains.

Enjoy your trip and stay warm.