Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hello 2009, nice to meet you.

WOW. I can't believe I went this long without posting. Truth be told, I've only even been on a computer maybe four times since I've been gone... which is impressive considering most of my life can be tracked using one! I feel bad... like I should have put in for leave or something... woe is me to have left you all hanging and not staying up to date with all my favorite bloggers!

There is lots to tell... which, lets be honest, probably won't all be told because parts will be forgotten or left out due to time restraints and a courteous length of post rule... but I promise to give you all SOMETHING within the next day or two!

Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!
(since I forgot both of those)

a short summary of the last two and a half weeks is:
Sgt. made the Dean's list! Whoo hoo whoo hoo
Northwest airlines can shove it...
mudslides are an acceptable alcoholic drink at 10:00 am... really.
Nothing like brain teaser riddles with your boyfriend to make you appreciate team work.
The north is COLD - and Sgt. and I have made a vow to never voluntarily move somewhere we have to import sunlight.
I like those folks... they're good people.
Yay for wine tasting!
Yay for wine in general
We kick ass as a team in any game... if they'd ever let us team up
It's hard to teach people canasta
It finally snowed
Well, they only lost my luggage
He loves me because he tried to watch an entire two episodes of Army Wives with me, after making me breakfast :) (among MANY other reasons)
Best New Years surprise ever :)
I'm really proud of him for getting his own place, and I'm super excited for him!
Made D.A.R.'s Artichoke and sundried tomato stuffed chicken... AWESOME
Babe, you just bring me the stuff, and I'll get it all packed for you *swoon*
I love you, and I'll see you again soon... I had an amazing time!

Talk to y'all soon! :)