Tuesday, January 20, 2009

short and sweet

This is my five seconds that I will talk about the inauguration and recap my thoughts as I watched the whole thing:

-CNN has too much background noise
-I never knew Randy Zuckerburg, co-creator of facebook, was a woman
-Jenna Bush's husband looks like the all American quarterback
-I wonder if all the first ladies had to coordinate their outfits so no one clashed or was too matchy matchy.
-Sasha and Malia's escort (lady in pink coat) looks cranky and rude, I hope that's not their new nanny.
-Loved Rick Warren's opening prayer.
-Aretha Franklin can wear whatever she wants.
-Yo-Yo Ma makes me smile because he's very smiley while playing Cello.
-I just recited the VP oath with him because it's the same as the military oath... I know too much.
-Wow, that's a ton of people.
-President elect Obama looks calm
-The Chief Justice should have practiced the oath a few more times
-I thought for a second those cannons were someone actually shooting - scary.
-He is definitely a good speaker... I just hope he is also good at taking action
-Ok, the comment about men and women fighting overseas always gets me... still, and he's home.
-The poem was ok.
-Why the white people always gata be wrong, huh?!
-If I was Former President Bush, I'd be relaxing at home tonight with blackout curtains, a strong drink, a home cooked meal, and absolutely no TV on.
-Congratulations Mr. President... don't let us down!

**** Ok, on to my life now ****

So... the move is coming up! About six weeks to go :) Sgt. and I continue to talk about things we need to get done between now and then and it's awesome, :) I love it. Last time it seemed as though our tentative move date was looming and it felt very heavy and stressful, this time, while there is still a lot to get done, it doesn't feel like the time can come soon enough! I can't wait to be there, and he shares the same feeling. I love that we are just enjoying this time and the steps along the way, I love that we are taking it slow, (I know some people wouldn't consider me moving in with him slow but hey, to each their own) and not committing ourselves to a house in a year and a wedding in a year and a half.... we're committing ourselves to what we can, to live together and to enjoy each other in the same city, on a daily basis for 6 months and from there, we'll see where it leads us. If it does lead us to a house in a year and a wedding in a year and Ft. somewhere in three, then it will without us pushing it.

To be honest, for a self admitted planner, sometimes I struggle with not having it all planned out... but then I think about him and how confident I am in us.... he is the plan. How it all happens will be revealed in time and I'm ok with that. I'm ok with our life being an adventure, in fact, I'm kind of freakin thrilled about the thought!

We talked a little bit the other night about how we think in the next few weeks our arguments will increase due to stress levels and just wanting the move to be done with, for me to just be there. It calms me to hear things like this, I love that we are so committed to it and are also being expectant of certain bumps within the process. To me, it says that we're in it together, that we know it's not going to be a cakewalk, but we'll make it through the process together, and if we were wrong and it's not the right timing then it's not and we'll work on that from there.

I'm trying to put a to-do list together of things I need to get done over the next month. The idea is that the last week will be spent packing up and visiting people and not spent running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Maybe I'm a little too optimistic but, I like having a to-do list anyway.

Any tips that helped you make a smooth move? I'm always open to suggestions! P.S. For those of you who'd like to help, say a prayer for me that I'll find a good job!

Did I mention that I can't wait?



Loved your observations :)

And we did that picky kind of fighting before our wedding. We made a rule: when we started picking at each other, we had to say "what are we REALLY fighting about?". Usually, we would start laughing at the insanity and things would dissipate.

Hope the time flies for you and you guys have an easy transition!!


I love that you two can identify the problems in advance, we do the same thing. It helps so much with expectations going way off kilter (which happens so easily with me) and in end, always makes me enjoy what I have so much more.

So excited for you!


I did the same thing during the VP oath -- I was just helping LT memorize the oath for a re-enlistment that was doing for one of his Marines.

CNN IS SOOOOOO AWFUL!!! We had it on the TV at work, and they didn't stop talking for anything! Thank goodness someone who knew how to work the projector-TV-thingy came and switched the channel to ABC/CBS/NBC. I was feeling kinda smacky, and would like to send hate mail to that female anchor. ACK! (ok, sorry, vent over!)

Yo -Yo Ma is totally cute and smiley. :)

I'm glad your plans are going well so far - yay!

My best advice about moving is just to start *early*, so absolutely everything is ready to be moved on moving day. I've packed at the last minute before, and it *sucks*. So definitely prep is the most important thing I can think of.

Good luck with the job search!


So, I finally did your survey thing! I'm sooo sorry I was so slack about it! :(


You can ask me absolutely anything you want to know! E-mail me whenever at JamieSpencer08@gmail.com

I promise to be 100% honest with you about the good, the bad, and the ugly!


Awesome highlights. Good post. :)


Thank you for helping us have a safe country. I am so thankful for families like yours, You seem like you are a strong women. I hope deployment and his schooling ends soon!!