Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lost luggage

Well, got a pretty interesting phone call yesterday -

"So I've been circling the airport for about an hour now and I can't find him. He just said X time today and didn't give me an airline or anything... if he doesn't show up within the hour I'm probably just going to go home"

"umm ok, well I don't know anything about it, so good luck!"

I spent the rest of the evening wondering if someone actually LOST my boyfriend at the airport. Sgt.'s master plan was to surprise me with his arrival. He sent me an e-mail telling me he was safely out of Iraq but wouldn't tell me exactly where in the world he was cause he wanted his arrival to be a surprise... which to be really honest, I was looking forward to.

All evening I kept waiting for him to call and say he was here or for him to show up but he never did. Totally disappointed. Not so much that he wasn't here yet... but more so because I thought he WAS here and just hadn't contacted me yet. Then this morning I get a text message saying

"Not yet. Sorry if I got you excited"

To be really honest, I'm kind of glad he's not here yet. I want him to be here, but the thought of him getting in and then just being able to wait till the next day to see me kind of stung. Also, this way, his arrival can still be a surprise!

He's out of Iraq, he's SOMEWHERE in this world, hopefully safe, and hopefully on his way home. Soon. Soon. That's the mantra I keep repeating to myself. I keep wondering if he'll stop in Dallas and I'll see him up on USO girls tattoo Tuesday... now wouldn't THAT be an interesting coincidence :).



wow ive heard of lost luggage but never this!

i hope he makes his way back to you where he belongs soon!

Lindsay aka Corn

If he flies out (after his R&R) on a Sunday, there is a very good chance we just might catch him! I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to hear all about it. Have a wonderful time with your man and don't forget to just take it all in.