Monday, May 19, 2008

Missing in Action

Helloooo out there! I know no one would fault me for not posting in so long but I've been feeling a little guilty being away from the blog. Time is just not a resource we have laying around too often these days, between Sgt. being home and work and vacation, I've been downing Red Bull's like they're going out of style.

My time with him has been nothing short of absolutely amazing. There will be plenty of time to update and share stories once he's gone (in a short 6 days... where does the time go?) but this leave has FAR exceeded my hopes and I'm so happy. I've been walking around with this permanent grin on my face.

Hope everyone out in the blog world is doing good! Lots of good stories to come soon :).


Lindsay aka Corn

It's true, I've been checking in on you for updates. I can't help it! I am vicariously living through you to help me remember how it was when mine came home.

I have a problem.

That's the first step isn't it?