Wednesday, May 7, 2008

You're here!!

That's what I kept saying to him last night as we sat next to each other in the car. I can't stop stepping back and just looking at him.. he's really here! In the flesh, with no bullet holes, it's amazing!

He got here yesterday around 4:30 in the afternoon... the car pulled up and someone said "are we expecting someone?" I knew immediately it was him, I ran outside just in time to see him step out of the car (in uniform might I add) and I wrapped my arms around him. It's amazing how time stands still for a minute.

It's like he never left. I expected there to be this awkwardness at first or this getting to know you again time, but there's not. It's just us, as if he was down last weekend and here he is again. Although, we do say "I missed you so much" a lot more frequently than I think we would have if he'd just been here. It's like we just picked right up where we left off, it's an incredible feeling.

This morning I was in the bathroom putting on my make up, hair all wet from getting out of the shower, getting ready for work, and he came in and snapped a picture.

"Why are you taking a picture of this goober?"
"because, in two months when I'm missing you, I want to remember this. I want to remember us just how we are together, not all posed with a cheesy grin, just you. That's the stuff I want to remember"

*cue the big grin and the collective 'awww'*

He's HERE!!! He's home. He's home. For the next 18 days, he's home. I intend to soak up every single moment.


Lindsay aka Corn

YAY! YAY! YAY! I got a little teary eyed reading this post (I'm tough, I swear) just thinking about how excited you guys must be!

Have a wonderful time!

In case I didn't sound happy enough for you, YAY AGAIN!!!



AH!!! CONGRATS! That's so exciting :)

Mrs. Staff Sergeant

That's wonderful! Enjoy your time with him :)


soak it up soak it alllllllllllllllllll up. and then some : )

Jrzy Army Wife

YAY!!! I know I'm a little late.. enjoy all your time. I'm super excited for you.