Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Sheets

Yesterday was a good day. Work was kind of slow, but I was able to talk to Sgt. so that usually means it's a good day :). Thursdays are the end of the week for us. See... he left on a Thursday so every Thursday another week has passed. I guess just another one of those things that helps you pass time.

This weekend should be awesome! My two best friends from college Whit and Lauren are coming to spend the weekend with me so that'll be nice. I love living on my own but I miss my girls. Last night I went into town to do laundry and wash my sheets (note to self: in the future, the purchase of a washer and dryer is a good investment)... well on the way to the laundry mat, I decided I didn't want to wash my sheets I just wanted new ones. So thats what I did. I went and got new sheets, then went to the laundry mat, then home. Once I got home I did something completely embarrasing and not even remotely interesting.... I ironed my sheets. I'm not like obsessive about it, I do like my sheets to be unwrinkled when I put them on the bed... wrinkled sheets are fine otherwise but for the first time after being cleaned or otherwise... I just want them to be smooth. So yeah... I ironed sheets. Sgt. got a kick out of this. I think his response was "you ironed your sheets last night? Hahaha, you're such a goober... I miss you." Yeah well... if you come home, I don't care what the sheets look like. Deal? It's amazing the things we'll occupy our time with.