Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Unusually unusual

Peanut butter & jelly sandwich and a beer. That's what I had for dinner last night.

The awesome thing about living on your own is that if you get home, and feel like sitting on the living room floor in boy shorts and a t-shirt with a Shiner Bock, a PB&J, and "Black Hawk Down" playing in front of you... so be it. There's no one there to judge you. No one there to walk in and laugh at the absurd condition you look like you're in at the moment. Ladies and Gentlemen this is complete and utter disillusionment. True life - I eat kiddy sandwiches and drink beer in my underwear while my boyfriend is deployed. Maybe I should talk to MTV about picking it up.

Wana know the truth? I would kill for Sgt. to walk in and start busting out laughing at me. Cause after that, he'd probably grab a beer himself, plop down next to me, kiss me on the forehead, and allow me to cuddle up right next to him in that spot right on his shoulder where I seem to fit perfectly. *sigh*. One more month down.

He did finally call by the way.

This weekend I had to work. One of the rare weekends I do but there was a camp fair that we had to go recruit at. It wasn't bad at all actually, I have a good time at the things, they're just long days. My boss hadn't heard from his girlfriend all day and I hadn't heard from Sgt. in a while so we had a good time wallowing together on the way to the event. Sunday I decided to cave and e-mail him. I couldn't hold back anymore, I really missed him, and if there's ever a literal battle of wills as far as stubbornness goes, he would win hands down. So I did it. I didn't point any fingers, I figured it's pointless, whatever the hold up is I doubt it's his fault and making him feel bad will only in turn make him feel like he HAS to call, which is never a good feeling in a relationship. Of course the next morning I have unread mail :).... and it said just as I suspected... really busy, time's been off to call (he can only get a hold of me between about 8am -6pm due to cell phone service at home), "I'm sorry I haven't called, I miss you so much." *smiles* that's all I needed to hear... talked a little bit about our weekends. All in all it was about a paragraph, of which of course, ended with "gata cut this short darlin' have a few more things to get done before I head out." But that's fine. I just needed to hear from him. Those of you who have been in this situation know how it is. Once I got that e-mail it was like a big weight was lifted off my shoulders. Then yesterday he was able to call... so, even better. :) All is right with the world again. It's amazing how little you can survive on after a while. All I need is a short e-mail, a 10 min. phone call and I'm back on track... leave doesn't seem so far away and my "can do" attitude is rejuvenated.

I'm glad January is over. Mostly because that means that the beginning of another month is here, which means CARE PACKAGES!! :). I looooovvvveee shopping for, packing, and sending care packages to him. It's therapeutic. I'd do it every week if I could afford it but since I like gas in my car also, I limit myself to sending one at the beginning of every month. It's even better because it's a holiday month (valentines day everyone) so that means he gets TWO. He tried to tell me yesterday "babe, you don't have to send two" but quickly shut up.... he knows better, it's my system, my process. Holidays get a package all to themselves + the usual monthly package. This month is pretty special because he *gasp* actually requested a couple of things. He never does, he's really appreciative of anything and everything but I'm glad that he's finally giving some input. Here's to the hope that February will go by quickly as well and it'll just be one more month down. (of course MY boyfriend has to be deployed during a leap year... I know he's not the only one but us '08 left behinds got the shaft with the extra calendar day).

Well, I guess that's all the update I have in me right now folks. Sgt. is doing good. Staying busy, tired but upbeat and soldiering on. Any prayers for him and his unit are always greatly appreciated. As for me... I think I'm gana go attempt to record a "Happy Valentines Day" video to add to this care package in a couple days!



ooooh... I'm with you I love sending care packages when hubs is away. So theraputic, its like I get to incorporate him back into my life in a soluable way for a little bit.

And hey, if eating a pbj and drinking beer in your underroos is what gets you thru, good for you for seeing the silver lining. I myself eat tuna fish and ritz crackers(no pb in our house kiddie is allergic)while drinking large amounts of coca cola watching crappy reality shows. ahhh aint life grand!?

i found your blog thru another one and enjoyed reading it.