Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Clearing, TA-50, & phone cards.

(clever title huh... sorry folks my creativity is lacking today!)
*Next Week*

That's what we keep repeating to each other. Sgt. is still in Germany but every day he is able to accomplish a little bit more, which in turn means he is a little bit closer.

I am nearly busting out of my skin at the thought of him being home. It's a good thing I have something to try and keep me occupied during the day so I don't drive myself crazy. The next few weeks will be busy, camp will end, my birthday will be here, Sgt. will get home, we will road trip back up to his new home for the next 4 years (and maybe mine....?) and eventually we will say goodbye again... but this time, it won't be for months or years. *happy dance*
At the moment, he's cleaning and checking off TA-50 to hopefully turn into CIF tomorrow. I remember helping him check off TA-50 when he PCS'd from Texas to Germany....
"Ok, duffle"
"duffel, check. WAIT... is this a regulation duffel or a large duffel?"
"regulation duffel"
"ok, regulation duffel, check"
"knit cap"
"kniiitttt.... caaaappp, CHECK."
"sleeping bag"
"sleeping bag... cold weather, wet weather, or whatever this acronym is?"
"cold weather"
"check" "babe, can I ask you a question?"
"why do you have 3 of everything in both sizes of everything"
"don't know... but if I don't have it, I have to pay for it, so lets find it"
"got it"
We get through most of his stuff and then he says
"Ok honey, tell me what we're missing"
"cold weather thermal underwear" (or something like it)
"*expletive* where is it?"
"is this is?"
"don't know then babe, nothing else looks like clothes"
"hmm... *thinking* Oooohhhh *laughs* I know where it is!"
"awesome, where?!"
"Iraq... it was in the back of that truck that blew up"
"greaaattttt.... *blank stare* so... I guess you have to pay for it huh?"

Who are we kidding.... we all know I'd be there to help him check it all off again in a heartbeat if I could. Good thing is we have been able to talk on the phone nearly every day! Haven't had that luxury (who would've ever thought I'd consider talking to my boyfriend every day a luxury) in God knows how long... although we both agreed we've got to start rationing phone card minutes. As much as we both adore one another and love being able to talk when we want... recharging two different phone cards a couple of times a day is getting a little pricey.

It's getting so close I can nearly see him pulling up the driveway!