Friday, August 15, 2008

Road Trip!

Well, here we go! I'm leaving tomorrow morning with Sgt. and we're heading back to Tennessee! I'm excited for the two day, 15 or so hour, road trip! What better way to bond and spend some time with the person you love than spending that much time in a two seater car together :). We are going to stay out at his families tonight so I won't be blogging again until we get to Tennessee.

Every second he's been back has been wonderful. Feels like the world has fallen back into place which is a pretty refreshing feeling. Stealing kisses, secret hand squeezes, and I love you whispers late at night right before you fall asleep - life doesn't get much better than this.

Tennessee isn't meant to be a "vacation" so to speak. He's got some running around to do and work to accomplish before he starts school next week. I'm helping him unpack his room and domesticating the two man household for a bit. I don't think we have much planned (although, you've seen how the man is with surprises, I never know everything) other than normalcy... which is just fine by me. I'd say we deserve it after the last year.

I've come to realize something in the time that he was away and that is, Home... for me anyway, is wherever he is, because HE is home to me. Like I said, things just feel right when we're together.

I know, I tend to babble on about how wonderful he is... but shoot me, I'm in love, and absolutely crazy about him, what do you expect? :)

Anywho, tomorrow we set out on our grand adventure! I've got fresh batteries in the camera and will hopefully still be the googly eyed girl in love upon arrival in TN. I can't promise by hour 10 he's not going to want to drop me off at the next rest stop... but we'll see! (Like I said, I pee a lot on road trips). Wish us luck! Have a great weekend everyone!


The Mrs.

Its a chick's prerogative to get to pee as much as she likes on a road trip. So pee pee pee.

I'm with you I love me a good road trip with my love. Nothing better then the quality time, changing scenery, and crappy road food.

Enjoy your trip!!