Sunday, August 10, 2008

How's it feel?

As of midnight last night, I am no longer dating a soldier. :)

I asked him last night "so how does it feel?"
"it's weird... I don't know yet"
that's pretty much what I expected. Closing a chapter of your life is never always good or always bad... like Sgt. said, most of the time, at first, it's just "weird."

He's out of the Army. Not that that necessarily makes me "happy" the way most people would perceive it. I love that Sgt. was a soldier (it is so weird to use past tense) and I'm so proud of him for wanting to become an officer - so no, I'm not all "No more Army, YAY" - ok ok...... SORT OF, :) but only because it means having him home for a while.

He arrived back in the states yesterday and got to his new home yesterday evening. I still won't see him for another 5 days so it's a little weird in that it doesn't feel like he's quite home yet, but we'll get there!! I can't wait to see him.

He's got a lot on his plate for this next week. I really hope he's able to accomplish what he wants to do so that way he can decompress a little bit. Everything now is just really tense and high stress... not between us, (at times, but we're still great!) just overall. Like I said before, lots of changes happening at once.

Last night we were able to talk on the phone for almost an hour so that was nice. Earlier in the day I talked to him for a few minutes once he arrived, but he was very short and snappy, which kind of ticked me off. I've gata reminding myself not to take it personally, because I know it's not, he adores me and misses me - and I know that - it's just everything going on right now, so I'm just trying to be there for him. A nice vent session to a girlfriend and some new nail polish cheered me up (besides, I'm PMS'ing really bad right now which doesn't help the situation much) and later that night when he called I just tried to be patient. Everyone needs a little grace every now and then, even me :). At first it seemed as though it was going to be another short and snappy conversation but I waited, prayed through it for a minute and hung in there, eventually we were able to get past that and it turned out really good!

Truthfully, it's not all his fault. I am picking "fights" (like I said, we never really fight, we're just not that couple that yells at each other... but we're honest when we're becoming frustrated) and for no other reason than just because I miss him. I just want him here with me... that's all. A really ridiculous reason to pick a fight, but I'm a girl, I don't claim to make sense all the time.

*sigh* One more day closer to my wonderful, amazing, smokin' hot boyfriend ;). For future reference honey, THANK YOU for putting up with me, that's how I know you're worth keepin' around ;).



Dude, I'm catching up on your posts, and I am laughing because there's even *more* parallels than I realized.

Getting my period on the fourth day that LT was home definitely didn't smooth the homecoming. Doh!

Just have to keep thinking about how we've got the rest of our lives together, and one day we'll look back and laugh at how crazy this homecoming was. :)

I'm soooooo happy for you and SGT and the next four years. *hugs*