Thursday, August 14, 2008

I love surprises!!

He showed up, and in class A's none the less! :) I'm pretty much the HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW!

Here's how it happened -

This morning Sgt. sent me a good morning text message and asked me what time I had to be at work. He then told me he forgot to charge his phone last night and was on his way back to the house to plug it in but he would call me later. What he was REALLY doing was going to the airport and getting on a plane :). I happened to stop by his cousins printing shop in town during my lunch hour and was there chatting with her when a family friend told her to come outside... so we walked outside and low and behold there is a handsome man in uniform standing behind a wall. I screamed :) - she hugged him and I just stood there kind of shocked for a minute and then my brain kicked in and I went to hug him. I was shaking, heart was racing, the whole 9 yards.


He did good... normally I figure out something is up but this time he got me good. I'm so glad he's here!! I saw him for about 3 min. and then had to head back to work - which is where I am now... unable to focus. Honestly... what I'm thinking (other than the fact that I just want to be where HE is....) is, I didn't go get my car washed and my apt. is a DISASTER because I just moved in. When I say disaster... I mean it. *sigh* I guess that's the OCD in me?

*happy dance happy dance happy dance* HE'S HERE!!!! :)

He just showed up at work, for surprise number two! He came bearing flowers, chocolate brownie, and mango tea. God, I love that man!



Yaaaaay!! What an awesome surprise! I'm SO happy for you!

Lindsay aka Corn

oh yay! I got a little misty eyed on that one. :-)

So happy for you! SO HAPPY!


YAY *jumps up and down* surprises are THE best. Can't wait to hear more about it soon :)



dude, i'm jealous you got the uniform and everything! i teased J that I wanted him to show up in his desert cammies - I think they're sooo sexy. I was jealous when Sara got those at her R&R homecoming. :-p

Sooooo glad he's home! I don't think you'll notice that the apartment is messy. ;)

New Girl on Post

What a wonderful suprise and what a sweetheart he is planning all that out!

Mrs. Staff Sergeant

That's wonderful! I'm glad to hear he's home :)


I am really glad for you! I know how awesome it feels to run up to them and hug them for the first time in a long time! Congrats!