Saturday, August 9, 2008

Me too, Me too!

(Post number 2 for the day) I've been a little slow on this bandwagon, but I've been wanting to do one so I hope there's still some room! It was a great idea D.A.R.! (I think she was the one to start it? If not, I apologize for the mis-credit)

My guilty pleasures and Indulgences...oohhh there are many, but if something makes you smile, it makes you smile :).

1. Cosmo magazine. Trash, I know.... hardly anything in that magazine that expands the mind... but I LOVE it! I really should subscribe because I buy one every month anyway... I save them too.

2. Overpriced caffeine. Red bull and Starbucks coffee. I will admit, when I add up the money I spend on a can of red bull... it makes me cringe but, I love them. And Starbucks.... honestly, I enjoy my Folgers coffee in the morning but there is just something about a triple grande, six pump caramel, no foam, no whip, extra hot, latte that makes my day. And don't EVEN get me started when the holidays roll around and Starbucks has their Gingerbread latte... HEAVEN.

3. Shopping. OHHHHH The mall. (Lindsay have you been to La Cantera yet!?!?) Specifically, Dresses, handbags, and shoes. I love dresses. Love them. I love the way they make you feel pretty just by having a cute one on. I feel feminine and sweet and just... I LOVE DRESSES. Handbags, if I could have a different purse, or clutch for every outfit I owned, I wouldn't complain one bit. Big ones, small ones, vintage bags, leather, jeweled, different patterns, bright ones, dark ones, casual, evening out, I LOVE purses. And lastly, shoes. Admittedly, I don't spend as much money on shoes as I'd like to... but I love love heels, wedges, and flip flops/sandals. I'm not a big fan of flats (other than the flip flops) but I could spend hours looking at and trying on shoes. DSW is a must stop when I go shopping in San Antonio.

4. Olay Cream Ribbons bodywash. Again, I think it's overpriced.... but it smells so dang good and makes my skin super soft!

5. Bedding, specifically sheets. If I could buy entire new bedding sets I would but since I can't, I often opt to buy new sheets. I don't know what it is but I am sort of addicted to comfy, soft, fall-into-me sheets. Especially when they're fresh and crisp (which is probably why I iron them when I first put them on the bed if they're wrinkled.)

6. T-shirts. If I'm not wearing a dress... I'd say 8 times out of 10, I'm wearing a T-shirt. I love buying them from places I visit, or give away t-shirts (a fav.). I think this sprung from college, people gave out free t-shirts for everything or you could pay maybe 5 dollars for one. Now I can't get enough. I especially love when you wash them a bunch of times and they get that soft worn in feeling :) mmmm. My favorite T-shirt is from the 5th grade. It's incredibly soft, really cheesy (it says "TUES. Tigers Rule!" and it still fits! (shockingly enough... which makes me wonder exactly how big I was in 5th grade)

7. Traveling. Anywhere. Road trip, plane tickets, just show me something I've never seen before! Visiting new places turns me into a googly eyed tourist :) Snapping pictures and smiling away the entire time. I can't wait to visit a few places outside the country!

8. Bath and body works body butter. I'm a huge fan of Mango Mandarin right now :).

9. (I'm with Lindsay on this... it's for a friend) - My cousin is getting married and so yeah, it's fun to look around on there, for her of course. Deny deny deny.

10. Military related books. I devour them. I will go into Hastings (the only book store in town) and read read read. Sometimes I even buy them! ;). Currently reading "Generation Kill" by Evan Wright and I'm loving it. Other favorites of mine include - The Long Road Home, Rule Number Two, The Last True Story I'll Ever Tell, My War, Blood Makes The Grass Grow Green, On Call In Hell, House to House.... etc. (As you can see, I enjoy books that are based on current conflicts the most... and human interest stories)

So.. there ya go! I'm in a great mood just thinking and talking about them! :)


Lindsay aka Corn

Went to La Cantera for the first time today! Got myself a dress from White House/Black Market for *R*'s ALS graduation on Tuesday.
Loved it!

Also, after Generation Kill, you should read "One Bullet Away, the Making of a Marine Officer" by Nathaniel know, Lt. Fick in Generation Kill? He wrote his own book too!