Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I need your help!!

The man wants to eat lunch.

How did I miss this? He asked if I wouldn't mind cooking while I'm staying with him this next week. I love to cook so it was sort of a given, I had planned on doing it anyway, but it was sweet of him to ask. So this entire week, I've been using D.A.R.'s method and trying to plan a week of meals in order to maximize usefulness of grocery items while still providing a little variety. In my forgetfulness though... I've been planning more "supper" meals rather than lunch meals... WHAT THE HECK DO I MAKE FOR LUNCH?

This wouldn't have even crossed my mind because I don't really eat a big lunch... but this morning while talking to Sgt. he said lunch was his favorite meal... that that is usually his biggest meal. Now, I know he's not going to complain, he probably doesn't even know I'm freaking out about it (and won't till he reads this) but I really want to cook for him... I just don't know what to cook for lunch! I mean... I can't make a casserole for lunch, right? Leftovers yes.... I suppose so but... basically I am at a loss.

HELP! Recipes, ideas, thoughts, recommendations (even for dinners, I'm still open to suggestions) - I can use some serious reinforcements right about now folks.



Um, yikes. I have no idea!!! Lunch is kind of the forgotten meal in our home. Lean cuisines, PB&J, leftovers...that's all we do!

Maybe you could get away with something like pasta salads, or a big salad with chicken? Soup and sandwiches?

Good luck! :) I really like They have lots of creative meal ideas. Maybe you could find something there...


Hubble likes big lunches. I usually try to repurpose leftovers. Like if we have left over beef, make grilled steak sandwiches or tacos or something. Hope that helps!!


Food is your friend.

I looked in my saved recipes box and found:

Sicillian Style Chick Pea Salad-Emeril
New York Breakfast-Ellie Krieger
Tex Mex Chicken Taco Soup-Emeril
Crispy Pork Fried Rice-Robin Miller
Chorizo Quesadillas-Rachel Ray

The only one you would have huge leftovers from is the Tex Mex Chicken Taco Soup, and it freezes really well.

The New York Breakfast one...doesn't have to be breakfast, it's easy to make and LT Dan loved it.

hugs, and yeah, they like lunch. During the week LT Dan eats a huge lunch at DFAC and a small dinner with me. Weekends are more conventional.

Ky Woman

Quesadea's, omelets with veggies and meat, chef salad, potato salad with bbq chicken sandwiches or any type of meat, you could do fried chicken with salad too. Rice and pork chops. Find out what he likes and just go for it! If nothing else, grill hamburgers, do steak fries and a cole slaw.

Let us know how they turn out.

Lindsay aka Corn

I love making panini-type sandwhiches. But seeing as how I don't own a fancy panini maker, I use my trusty skillet.

Key to get the perfect browning is to lightly butter both sides of both pieces of bread.

We make it with some homemade mac and cheese, or what *R* calls corn-o-roni. Corn, mixed with mac and cheese and baked until crispy in the oven. Email me if you want the recipe.

Sloppy Joes are also one of my favs for lunch!

Good luck!


My boyfriend really likes hamburgers or hot dogs for lunch. My favorite lunch is a chicken salad sandwich.
Rachael Ray's website has recipes in a separate lunch category.

The Mrs.

I have the opposite problem, flyboy could do without lunch and then wants to eat a HUGE dinner.

Steak salad is a big fav around here on the weekends. We will get a bigger then needed flank steak for dinner, do it up on the grill and then set aside enough for salads a day or two later.


One of my all time favorite lunch (or dinner) are brie and ham sandwiches (which, I can't eat right now because I'm not allowed to have brie.) Cut up a loaf of sourdough and pile ham, apples, and brie on each slice and broil. Dip it in spicy mustard. So good and really quick and easy to make!