Friday, September 19, 2008

Has anyone found the remote? & funny story OTD

Ya know.... that remote that you can use to pause or fast forward or rewind life? No? Dang... well, let me know if you get lucky!

I'm anticipating that the next 3-4 months will FLY by for me. Currently, I'm job hunting in Tennessee and have applied to some really ideal positions, but haven't heard back yet so, please keep me in your prayers if you have some room to spare!

Last night Sgt. and I were making plans for the holidays, looking at flights to go up north to visit his family, flights back to Texas to visit both our families, flights to Tennessee, drives to Tennessee and back... all of it. Can anyone say busy? or EXPENSIVE... sorry, we've already established that money is a "thing" with me.

All of it's exciting though, I enjoy planning things together. Last night we also talked about the move, and looked into U-Haul rentals and such. If anyone knows of the most economical way to move an apartment three states over, PLEASE leave me a comment! I will sing your praises all the way through Arkansas.

We haven't picked a date yet, just a time frame; "After the holidays." Right now we're trying to focus on October, getting to THAT point and then worrying about the other stuff. Sgt. always says that if I have a downfall, it's "Letting tomorrow take away from today" - with the thought that I don't allow myself to look forward to one thing because I'm worried about another. Sometimes I have to remind myself that looking into the future is ok, but planning too far into the future usually has it's drawbacks. I should tackle one thing at a time... and right now, that should be organizing, packing, and getting everything ready for my October trip.

Can't wait though, one more week down!! That means... TWO more weeks and I'll be back where I belong... next to my guy :). I'm a believer now that the first two weeks after parting is the hardest... and the last two weeks (while difficult because you just want it to get here) tends to be taken up with preparation... so it's not so bad. (Trying to be positive here) I can't wait to get to him.

~Here's your funny story of the day!!~
*sorry honey... it's too good not to tell and re-tell*

As I've mentioned before, there are times when I'm PMSing that III don't even like myself. I'm cranky, emotional, pissy, and basically nothing he says is taken the right way. (Same story, different verse, right?) And oh, how I love that man, because he tolerates it... TRIES to be patient... tries to give me whatever I need - space, a loving affirmation, sometimes both at the same time - which makes for a difficult place for him to be. This last time... I was just particularly cranky and emotional. Poor guy. So one night, after a particularly exhausting day on his part... I receive a text message that says:

"Hey baby. I just saw this commercial for this new birth control called *name.* Its supposed to help with PMS symptoms. Love you."

*Insert uncontrollable laughter here*

So I wrote back asking if he thought I should look into it and his response was:

"Just thought you might want to know!"

Fair enough babe, lol, fair enough.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!



Love the funny story - that's totally something LT would do/say. :)

I've only ever done the 1-way uHaul rental for moving, and it sounds like you already have that on covered. Good luck with your plans! LT just went back to NC, so this week has been the start of my tough adjustment period. I can so relate. :)


That is funny. I am the same way with pms - I hate myself at that time of the month!! So I totally know how you feel! I'm pretty sure my boyfriend has said something similar to this in the past - thanks honey, that's, um, so thoughtful of you! If they only knew what we go through!


HAHA, I love the funny story. If only men could experience how our hormones seriously can change our moods!!!
I'm excited that things are happening so quickly and everything is going well. So what is after that holidays? Are you referring to what I think you are referring to? Because that would be exciting!!
Also, I sent you an email a while ago but I haven't heard from you! I'm guessing you are busy, but I just wanted to say that we should email more often!
Have a good weekend :) And we are going to be back with our boys around the same time frame, yay for that.