Thursday, September 11, 2008

Steps to prevent insanity.

Step 1. - Calmly open your front door and set purse and keys down in orderly and completely normal fashion.

Step 2. - Remove shoes

Step 3. - Lay face down into bed **this will also work on a couch** and place pillow in front of face.

Step 4. - Repeat the following sentence as many times as necessary at a larger than acceptable inside voice


Step 5. - Take a deep breath in and out.

Step 6. - Start coffee or make hot chocolate, whichever you prefer.

Step 7. - Change into comfy lounge clothes

Step 8. - Create haven of pillows and soft lighting (candlelight is preferred)

Step 9. - Turn on movie

Step 10. - try your very best to relax.

Editors note ** - Does not work in the event of Children (and I'm sorry for that)



AW what happen?!

And about the dogs brushing their teeth- it's doggy tooth paste- peanut butter flavor! haha.