Sunday, September 21, 2008


I really miss him on Sunday.

Ok, I really miss him all the time, but particularly Sundays. Maybe it's because Sgt. and I are avid Sunday enthusiasts. Maybe it's because he loves to let me sleep in on Sunday's while cooking me breakfast and then waking me up with a perfectly made cup of coffee and telling me that whenever I'm ready, breakfast is waiting. Maybe it's because one of the things we have only been able to enjoy together ONCE in our entire relationship is going to church together on Sunday, and it's something we'd really like to do together more often. Whatever the reason, I really miss him this Sunday.

Two more Sunday's and I'll FINALLY get to wake up with him!

And yes, he did make pancakes this morning :-\ bummer.



agreed...I tend to miss my boy more on Sundays too. Instead of lazing around with him I'm doing work the whole day :( Luckily when he comes home we will have two full Saturdays and one Sunday together.

Sometimes Sundays are bad though because I usually leave on Sundays...and I hate that.