Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The bright side.

So, about an hour and a half after I posted the last post yesterday, Sgt. Called.

Ummm.... yeah, so... I'm the Jerk.

Apparently he also tried to call earlier but I was out to lunch.

YAY!! He called!! :) I didn't tell him that I was about two inches away from throwing something that reminded me of him at something that reminded me of the Army. Why bother right? :). The conversation wasn't long, it was almost 2 a.m. over there and while I could complain that every time he calls he's exhausted so our conversation is usually cut short or reduced to grunting noises.... I won't. I'm just glad he called. Instead of looking at it as "he only calls when he's too tired to hold a conversation" I'll look at it as "he was so exhausted, and he still made time to call." because honestly.... I really believe it's the latter anyway.

He did give me some GREAT news! His leave is going to be moved up! Not sure how "up" but definitely by at least a couple weeks and possibly by a couple months!! If he gets what he wants... or near what he wants, then I'll only have two more paychecks to go till I see him again :-D. The thought is almost a little incomprehensible. After over a year... just a handful of weeks? Hard to imagine really. I'm trying not to get my hopes up... try being the operative word. If things don't work out I will just chalk it up to another one for the Army... cause lets be honest, in this love triangle of a relationship, that woman gets most of the attention. I'm really hoping they do though, I think we both need it. No question that we both want it.

Looking back through my blog I realized that I posted another rather "frustrated and sad" post around this exact time last month. I really wish my PMS would work out a schedule with his twice a month phone calls. This emotional roller coaster is enough to make me want to make me want to put on Pat Benitar and scream at the top of my lungs.

While we were on the phone Sgt. asked how the dog sitting was going. I told him I'm making a new stipulation in our relationship, wherever it may lead, he's not ever allowed to get a small dog. Ever. "Oh, no, I hate small dogs, no problem there" "Good :) I knew I liked you" - haha. For any of you out there that own small dogs, more power to you, I'm not condemning you at all! I think they're cute! It's not about the look of the dog, or really the size either... it's their personality. Maybe somewhere out there, there is a tiny little shitzu who is so laid back and just kinda goes with the flow... but I've yet to meet one... let alone hear of one. To each their own I suppose.

I wouldn't say the sitting is going "bad" although I did offer to send them to Iraq as the new platoon mascot. Sgt. vetoed that idea pretty hastily. "no, we do not need any more dogs over here, please." - to which I took the opportunity to drag a little affection out of him - "well then maybe I'll just ship myself to Iraq as long as it's away from the dogs." "yes. now THAT I could handle."

I'll post pictures up as soon as I get them uploaded.

Other than all that - same old thing. If I get word of his leave request ACTUALLY going through then I know what I'm doing with some of the next two paychecks... I'm going shopping!! :)

Oh! And one more bright side: I got to hear Sgt. laugh yesterday :) it's been so long since I heard him sincerely laugh at something I said :), it felt really good.



Good for you for being positive. Its half the battle. The hardest half in my opinion!

Hope his leave goes thru and he comes home soon!

Jrzy Army Wife

So excited for you that he called and even more excited for you that he is going to be home super soon. Looks like we both got good luck this st pattys day.

Lindsay aka Corn

I swear it's like they know when you've just about written them off and started actually getting...frustrated...and THEN they call. JUST to make you feel guilty for thinking those bad thoughts.

okay, so maybe not. But it did feel like that sometimes!

I just try to remind myself how lucky I am to have someone so awesome to miss THAT much!


I'm so happy for you that he called and you got a chance to talk to. I hope he gets his leave and comes home soon.

I have 3 small dogs. The one, a pomeranian, is so laid back and sweet, but the other two, a chihuaha (sp?) and jack russell, drive me bonkers. I love them all though!