Thursday, March 6, 2008

Easter goes Army green.

Yesterday I went shopping for Sgt.'s Easter package. (One for every holiday also remember :) ). Now, I don't claim to be very old, I'm in my twenties... that doesn't really speak volumes about life experience in relative terms. I know that, I acknowledge it. However, I am now confident enough to use the term "Well back in my day" or "When I was your age" - especially after my stint through Wally World last night.

Back in my day, we had Easter baskets. That's it. Just baskets. I never had an Easter bucket, a cloth and collapsible Easter pail or an Easter dump truck. When we hunted eggs in the back yard, we hunted plastic multi colored eggs of the blue, green, red, pink, yellow, orange variety. These eggs were filled with jelly beans, pennies, those large hump looking candies that were different colors and white in the middle. I'm still not exactly sure what they were. Imagine my surprise when I went to pick up some things to put in Sgt.'s Easter package and I see CAMO EASTER EGGS. Yes - you read that correctly. Of course they are still of the old BDU variety camo, not the new digital we've become accustomed to but camo they are indeed. Easter has also become mindful of the current conflict, for they have both jungle camo and desert camo. YES I did get them. I could NOT pass up camo Easter eggs for my soldier. It's just too funny. I wander a little further down the aisle and I spot camo Easter buckets and camo Easter grass... a plethora of Military friendly Easter decor. I refrained from creating an entire camo package... although I will admit it was tempting.

It wasn't only the camo colored eggs that surprised me. Easter has become so high speed!! I swear, I saw a package of glow in the dark Easter eggs complete with accompanying flashlights for those families who just can't fit in an egg hunt in the light of day. Easter candy has become somewhat of an industry boom as well! I've never seen so much pastel colored and bunny shaped candy in my life! The Super Wal-Mart had to devote TWO AISLES for this Easter sensation... I can't imagine kids would have survived Easter back in my day. Of course we didn't know any different and we were still thrilled with grass stained dyed eggs and 62 pennies and that weird unknown candy.

After getting some Easter themed treats I strolled on over to the card aisle to get an Easter card because, I can't imagine what my soldier in Iraq would do without an Easter card. The thought nearly brings tears to my eyes. :). Should I have been shocked at the amount of sexually charged Easter cards? Maybe not... I don't ever remember seeing so many but I suppose I never really looked. I got two cards because I just couldn't resist. The funny card says "The Easter bunny is so kind, always passing out candy with that big grin on his face..." on the outside, then you open it up and it says "Well if I was having sex 12 times a day I'd be happy too!!" - hilarious.

Of course all of this stuff pretty much misses the point of Easter in it's entirety. I know how I feel about it, but I'll leave you to your own opinions.

All in all it was a successful trip. Tonight I'll get to pack his two care packages and get them off before the weekend gets here. The same requests were made as last time. At least this time around I knew exactly which gas station to go to for those ranch flavored sunflower seeds :). The person behind the counter just gave me a weird look and began counting out the 14 bags of sunflower seeds.... I didn't explain lol.

I wish I could see him open those camo colored eggs though :) In fact, I think I'm gana keep one.



I'm with you about "back in my day." I'm in my 20s too, and we always got pink grass in a pastel basket with a chocolate bunny, peeps, and robin eggs. I have a niece and I bought her all sorts of "new and improved" Easter candies and goodies.

Lindsay aka Corn

Cammo eggs? You must be near a base, I couldnt find ANYTHING military related to send to the BF while he was gone.

In the words of Napoleon Dynomite..."LUCKY"!


oooh you must have been at target! I saw the camo eggs and a camo easter basket, but it wasnt close enough to the USMC camo to come into our house!


Lindsay - nope! Just at the regular old Wal-Mart... although it is a really small town... :) I'm willing some camo easter eggs to show up on your door step :) haha.

Trying - haha yeah we'll see how this camo goes over in Iraq... these were from Wal-Mart but I bet the Target ones were classier lol, I love Target!


Hah, I love it!


Did you see the new digital easter baskets at target? I havent really been in walmart lately to see if they had anything like that there.


Trying - No I didn't!! I can't even imagine what a digital Easter basket would look like... the things they come up with!