Monday, March 17, 2008

More lists

Ok, ok, I'll admit it - I am a part of the social networking phenomenon that is Facebook and Myspace. Generational I suppose. Hello my name is KJ and I am addicted to social networking sites. "Hi KJ" says the masses.... don't lie, I know you have one too :). That's all beside the point, the point of THIS post is that through one of those social networking sites I've joined a group for other Army girlfriends like myself. At first I was just doing it for the sake of joining groups.... completely unintentional that I actually became an active member of said group and furthermore met some really great women who've been a big support!

In the aforementioned group there was a thread started entitled "You know he's deployed when:" Today it was back at the top of the list which meant that someone had added to it. I went to the thread, just wondering what the update was and began reading all of the posts from the very beginning. I guess I hadn't remembered that I posted a few myself from time to time. (a few is an understatement).

Here is a list of my favorite "You know he's deployed when:" from yours truly. (Remember, all of these are ones I posted specifically about Sgt. at different times through his deployment.)


You Know He's Deployed When:

1.When you STILL don't enjoy mango's as much as the first time you had them... because the first time you had them he made you breakfast and you sat together on the couch eating some.

2. When you go to the airport and it seems to be national "fly in your ACU's" day, and you wish that everyone who walked past you in ACU's was him... including that really butch woman you saw.

3. When the words "well when I get home." have never sounded so sweet.

4. When your camera becomes permanently attached to your hand and you feel like you have to chronicle each event so he doesn't feel like he's missing out on anything. Including childish things like "my first time making a snow man!" or "my first slice of real NY pizza!" (yeah I really took a picture of that...)

5. When you can pack a flat rate box like a champ... you're also really good at filling out customs forms... you could do it with your eyes closed.

6. When you always stop by the card aisle each time you're in wal-mart to stock up on more cards to send to him... you know he's been deployed for longer when there are NONE, ZERO "I miss you" or "thinking of you" cards that you haven't sent. not only make sure to look for news on him but on anyone in his unit!

8. You find a news article on Sgt. and you immediately save a copy of it, then forward the link to the article to anyone who has ever heard you talk about him :) You are so unbelievably proud.

9. The thing that excited you most about that article was not necessarily the fact that it was about him... but that his words were quoted... you could almost hear his voice... and the picture they posted with it was the first picture you've seen that was taken of him since he left in March.

10. You order his favorite drink at Starbucks because you miss him... but you still would rather have been drinking yours since you don't like his all that much and that makes you miss him MORE because dang it, if he was here, then you could've gotten your drink, he could've gotten his... AND you wouldn't miss him so much! Problem solved.

11. He's normally a tough guy, but you can tell when he's having one of those "really missing you days" from how many exclamation points he's using (I miss you!!!!!!) or how many words he capitalizes (I MISS you SO much!!!) :)... oh, and you're also really glad to know he's missing you terribly.

12. Your family asks how he's doing but when you start going into specifics about "he's doing good, still in tents and the MWR on their FOB isn't all that great, the DFAC isn't too far though which is good but they're out at their COP a lot of the time so he is usually eating MRE's .... " they just give you a blank stare. They don't understand anything you just said.

13. You read the letter he wrote to you before you go to sleep, but you don't need to cause you have it memorized.. you just like looking at his handwriting and feeling the grooves of the pen marks because it was something he held.

14. When at the Christmas eve church service, the pastor says "...and we pray that you will keep our service men and women around the world..." and you start to tear up.

15. When the night before Christmas eve, you had a dream that he showed up to church for Christmas eve service as a surprise for you, and then the next night while you're waiting for the service to start, you keep looking around... then you finally realize what you're doing... you know he's not there, but you're looking for him anyway.

16. When you laugh at your step-mom for asking if he had the day off on Christmas... no, he didn't. Apparently the terrorists didn't get the memo.

17. When he sends you an e-mail apologizing for not being here for *insert holiday/occasion* and attaches another, of many, i.o.u's for a great big hug.

18. When he is practicing playing canasta on his computer in Iraq so that when he comes home, you two can partner up and beat the crap out of his other family members :).

19. When you have 5 different phone numbers for him, one is a Skype phone, one is his Iraqna cell, one is his AFES calling card, one is his Noblecom calling card and one is his former number from when he was home.. just in case.

20. Speaking of numbers... you know he's deployed when you have a 37 digit number memorized! (that includes the calling card number, the pin number, then his number with country code, area code, and number... sheesh)

21. He feels like he has to apologize for being gone for holidays.... when really, you're just sorry you couldn't be there for HIM.

22. You FINALLY get to see each other on web cam and you, the person who NEVER shuts up, is almost speechless because 1. He looks SO good you can almost feel those arms around you, 2. You are trying to figure out a way to jump through the screen.

23. When care packages meant for a holiday (Christmas, valentines day, Easter whatever...) are planned at least a month in advance.

So there you have it... another list :). Made me laugh. Feel free to add your own words of wisdom!



I love that list! I can very much relate to the one about not being able to find i miss you cards that you havent already sent. I've wondered sometimes what that says about our relationship when our time apart is out pacing hallmarks ability to come up with new i miss you cards!

Lindsay aka Corn

You start bringing your lunch to the office, and eating it at your desk so that *if* he happens to call while your at work, you can take the 1 hour to talk to him and not feel bad about missing work.

Lindsay aka Corn

The lady at the Post Office knows you by name and when you come to pick up the boxes that he sends because his deployment is almost over, she tells you that she's going to miss you.

Okay, if I come up with about 20 more of these and post them up here, just remember, you asked for it!


Yay Lindsay! Keep it up haha :) I like knowing it's not just me!

Trying - I've resorted to sending various holiday cards or occasion cards that have nothing to do with missing him... I think he's had a baby twice now :) I figured if I can't get what I want atleast I can get a laugh!

Lindsay aka Corn

I sent my best friends husband a "Happy birthday to a Strong Black Woman" card.

He is neither black, nor a woman, and it wasn't his birthday. But it made him laugh, and that's all that counts.

I've also been known to send foreign language cards.

Jrzy Army Wife

Hi I am Jrzy and I am a Myspace junkie! I love that list you totally posted the one about the starbucks drink didn't you?LOL


haha ooohhh yeah!! :) I posted all of them but the Starbucks one I definitely remember vividly. After I finished the drink I took the little insulator thing off and wrote on it in sharpie "Come home soon so I don't have to order your drink just to feel close to you" and sent it to him lol. :)