Wednesday, March 26, 2008

E-mail fights

We're having a fight. Well... actually, I wouldn't call it a fight. We're not even arguing, we're discussing that's for sure. Fighting not so much. One of the things I love about our relationship is we don't ever fight... we don't really argue much, but if we do (like now) it's more of a "this is my opinion and view point and I need it to be heard" "well this is MY opinion and view point" "I understand that... where can we find common ground or where can we work on this"

I think it's healthy, but it doesn't make me like it any more.

Arguing or disagreeing through e-mail plain 'ole, sucks. A lot of the reason is because I'm waiting for a reply... it's not like I can get an immediate response to my concerns. Also, you don't get to hear tone of voice or see someones body language. A big part of reading people is being able to see that sort of thing. It's frustrating. I just really want a hug. How far away is leave now?

Everything will be ok though. I'm not worried that this is some kind of monumental shift in our relationship... just something we need to work on and through. So, here I sit, waiting for a reply. *sigh*

Dog sitting will be over and done with tomorrow night. Thank goodness!! One less stress.

I still really really miss him.



Oh I hate email fights, or discussions, you lose a lot without tone of voice and an immediate response. I tend to have a bit of an Irish temper and then pair that with the frustrations when they are away and sometimes BOOM! crap just comes out the wrong way. I hope you get yours resolved soon : )

and hopefully not too long till you get your hugs!

Jrzy Army Wife

Email disagreements totally suck. I'm a italian... so it festers when I can't get it out especially when he doesn't answer me back.. ON PURPOSE! Just remember.. you are ALWAYS right!hehe.