Saturday, March 22, 2008

a very good Friday indeed :).

Maybe that penny I found Thursday on my way out of the grocery store WAS lucky!

Sgt. called again yesterday and while that in its self would be great, seeing as we haven't talked twice in one week in at least a couple months, we were able to talk for about an hour and a half!! 90 whole minutes! I can hardly explain how happy it made me :). It was just, US... does that make sense? We just talked and laughed and were smart alacks to each other. No news on his leave yet but I can tell he's getting more excited about the possibility. Before it was kind of a "well, we'll see" attitude, yesterday it was "so what do you have planned for my R&R?"

The truth is I haven't planned a single thing. I don't want to. I don't even know what to expect, I don't know if he's going to want to just relax or if he's going to want to do something every second of the day. I don't know what his family has planned for him or what they want to do. I'm not trying to be a martyr but the way I see it, it's HIS leave, not mine; and I don't want to end up disappointed because I planned something that he doesn't want to do. I'm easygoing... anything we do is fine as long as he's here. When I did ask him "Well what do you want to do while you're home?" he said "spend time with you." - sounds good to me. :)

I have given a certain thing a lot of thought though. His arrival. I don't know if that's a strange thing to have nightmares about but I have. His family has told me that I'm going with them to the airport to pick him up (whenever he comes home), which is great because I love his family! However, the more I think about it, the more I wonder if they should go alone. I miss him so much, I've been looking forward to seeing him again and holding him again for over a year, we're both private people as far as being overly affectionate, especially in front of his family, and I don't know if picking him up at the airport with 5 other people is really the best way to say hello again after so long. They've all missed him just as much, for just as long, everyone is going to want a part of him and I don't blame them! I almost wonder if it would be better for Sgt. and better for his family if they got that time first. Sgt. wouldn't have to worry about being too affectionate or too standoffish. His family will be able to reconnect with him first and have that time alone with him. Sgt. will have something else to look forward to after the initial welcome home. Me. :). We haven't discussed it yet, we will once we know when he's coming home for R&R. I know that many married couples ask for time alone before all the family comes over to welcome the soldier home, and seeing as Sgt. and I are not married, it seems logical that in this situation the roles would be reversed. Any thoughts? Maybe it's just because it's my first "I haven't seen you in so long! I missed you so much! You're HERE." - hopefully my first of many :).

He finally got both of his packages and since we were on the phone yesterday I told him to go ahead and open the Easter package so I could hear him go through it :). The camo Easter eggs were a big hit and the Cascarones made it there pretty much in one piece!! There were a couple that were broken but overall they made it there safe and sound. When he opened the box I was a little disappointed in how underwhelmed he sounded. "They're cascarones babe!" "thanks...." "ya know, confetti eggs?" "yeah they're filled with confetti" - I was confused because he sounded.... confused. "Don't you know what those are? Haven't you ever played with cascarones on Easter?" "nope"

WHAT?!!!?? He had never heard of the darn things! "They're egg shells filled with confetti, you walk up behind someone and then smash it on their head, the confetti falls all over them... it's just a funny thing to do." "ooohh!! That sounds awesome!" He was much more excited when he figured out what they were for, and what you could do with them. "I can't believe you've never heard of them before, that's crazy" "I think it's just a Texas thing honey" "no... it can't be, I've grown up with those things" "yeah well.... like I said, you're a Texan." He even asked his room mate who confirmed that he too had never heard of this Easter favorite... though they really loved the idea. "I'm going to take some pictures of me and BG smashing eggs on peoples heads and send 'em to ya!" - now THAT sounds like a fantastic idea darlin'. Hey! Maybe I can cross something off my list, figuring out how to get him to want to send more pictures home, note to self: send more harmless, yet fun, destructive items. :).

I miss him.



hmmm im with sgt i've never heard of a cascarone. like you said must be a texas thing! The sound like fun though.

YAH for a whole ninety minutes on the phone. that must have been amazing. long enough to break the whole awkwardness (not that its awkward but you know). Your plan to go with the flow for r&r sounds very smart. hope its soon!