Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I love poems

"If There Were No Tomorrow"
By D.R. Myest

I would tell you today that you are the one that fills my life. Whose smile I cannot wait to see. Whose arms I long to have wrapped around me. Whose lips I live to kiss softly, passionately, in every way.

I would want you to know that you make my heart skip a beat. You fill my soul with contentment. You brighten my dark skies. You fill my days and nights with stars, hopes, and cascading dreams.

I would want you to see how beautiful the world looks with your eyes, through mine. Your eyes light up the sky. Your touch paints the Heavens. Your kiss creates amazing rainbows of beauty, sunshine, and life.

I would want you to understand that I have always loved you before I knew there was you, before our eyes ever met, before I found in you Happiness, completeness, and passion.

If there were no tomorrow I would tell you that you are the greatest gift in my life. Whose love I cherish above all else. You sustain me with your laughter, love, and friendship. Before there was no knowing I'd tell you I love you infinitely, without boundaries, and beyond time.



Oooh this is great! Thanks for sharing!

Jrzy Army Wife

I've never read this poem before. I absolutely loved it. Sorry you miss him. This is me sending you a hug, hehe.