Sunday, July 27, 2008

Caught - Party of 1

Ok. Here is the post that highlights the fact that I am a huge oblivious nerd and sometimes don't pay attention to what I'm doing.

This is the story, should Sgt. and I spend the rest of our lives together, that will be told, and retold for laughs and giggles for-ev-er.

It all started a few days ago. Sgt. and I had briefly and occasionally touched on the subject of "engagement" and "marriage" and "forever." *swoon* Then, I had a dream. I had a dream that he and I were with friends and someone said "Well, let me see it!" and I hold up my left hand - we were engaged! So, on messenger the other day I tell him I had a dream about us. He pesters me to go into more detail and I warn him that it might scare him off (I know better than that but still...), he assures me it won't and so I finally spill the beans.

Then the conversation goes a little like this:
Sgt. - "I just find it hard to believe that you don't think I've thought about it"
KJ - "ok, well, I think you've thought about it but I don't know how seriously. There's a difference between 'I want to marry her' and 'She's super, I think I'll stick around'"
Sgt. - "haha one has to happen before the other baby"
KJ - "yes :) but they're different"
Sgt - "well, let me make it VERY clear dear, yes, I have thought about it seriously. I just have to make sure you're not going to turn me down and embarrass me first"
KJ - "ha, I'm not going to turn you down babe - but yes, I might embarrass you. No promises there"
Sgt. "lol well good to know. So what do you think about that, thoughts? Have you thought about your ring?"

From there he asks me some brief questions on preferences and as stated above, size... but that's about it. No serious detail, as the man is already a hopeless romantic, and will surely want to surprise me. I was hesitant to give any direction because 1. I don't want him to feel rushed or obligated or like I'm placing an order 2. I WANT to be surprised!

So, for the next couple days, if I had time, and was bored, I've been browsing rings online. Just something fun to pass the time. Fast forward to last night. (YES, I am still incredibly embarrassed) I'm talking to Sgt. and one of my best friends online at the same time. Sgt. and I are looking at comforter and bedroom sets for his new place and Amy (best friend) and I are discussing our day. Earlier yesterday I found this ring online that I couldn't stop starring at for about 10 minutes. And I kept pulling it up throughout the day to just look at it... it was GORGEOUS. So, I'm telling Amy about it and I tell her I'm going to copy the link for her to see. And then I said "I should look that up on Sgt.'s computer to drop the hint, oh and that one is pretty Ames!" (in reference to one she looked at).

Well. Her messenger messed up so I had to copy and paste what I said, back to her. Fast forward to an hour later. Sgt. and I are looking at comforter sets and I'm trying to copy and paste the link to this page I'm looking at. I SWORE I copied that link... but when I pasted and hit enter, I didn't realize what I was saying was "I said 'I should look that up on Sgt.'s computer to drop the hint' and then I said 'oh and that one is pretty Ames!"

OH. MY. GOD. *Jaw Drop* "honey, PLEASE ignore that."

Does he ignore it? NO.

"?" "What's pretty that you have to drop me a hint about?"
"nothing. Really. It was a silly conversation I was having with Amy. Don't worry about it"
"Plllleeeeeeeaaassseeeee tell me!!"
"Can we PLEASE go back to talking about comforters!!! It was just a mistaken copy and paste that was not meant for you... I'm sorry"
"*he makes a sigh and then an 'I'm not talking' face"
"babe. You know I'm a terrible liar"

"and I don't want to lie to you"
"so don't"
"so PLEASE don't make me say it"
"What, that you were looking at rings?"

CAUGHT - how does he KNOW???

"I just don't want you to think that because I said that to Amy, that it means I don't think you could pick out something wonderful on your own. Because I know you :) and you would"
"Baby, I have spent HOURS doing the same thing! So can I see the link (hint)?"
"no, just don't worry about it"
"Look at this comforter set! It's on sale and it comes with the bed skirt and the shams"
"link?" "C'mon, don't you think IIII want to know if I'm on the right track?"

"I don't want you to think that because I've looked at rings that it means I'm trying to rush you"
"lol it wouldn't matter if you were or not darlin'"
"I'm not"
"ok, LINK?"

So I sent it to him. And he didn't say much other than, it's ok if I look for rings at that website because he wouldn't purchase it from there (something about additional services).

I told Amy about it and she said "good. I was going to e-mail it to him anyway so he was going to get it one way or the other" - Traitor, lol.

Needless to say, I will be paying MUCH more attention to what I am copying and pasting. Luckily the man is understanding and even thinking along the same lines... so he took it well and didn't call me crazy :). That's how I know he loves me ;).

GAH!! I can't believe I did that.


Lindsay aka Corn

Oh boy oh boy, I can SO see me doing that exact same thing.

I know exactly what you're talking about with feeling like you might be rushing him, but if he's anything like *R*, I wouldn't worry about it. They wouldn't be open to talking about it if they didn't want to.


Ah that is cute though!! At least he reacted well :)

Right after we got engaged, I was visiting him at Fort Benning, and I saw an index card on his desk title "ring". He had been carrying it around and making notes everytime I said anything about rings, even if I was just being critical (okay, catty) about other people's rings. There were all of these scribbled notes like "no white gold", "no mar key(?) cut", "simple is better". So cute!

Good luck on the waiting game, it sounds like everything with you two is falling slowly and perfectly together!


HAHAHA, I love this story! I'm so glad you typed out the whole thing. You guys crack me up. That sounds like something I would do too :) That's exciting that you are talking about all that stuff...YAY!


I loved the story too. :)

And I'm also with lindsay - they won't talk about it unless they want to. I wouldn't worry about rushing him - boys never let us rush them anyway. :)