Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ich bin in Deutschland!

IM Conversation:

"Hiiii!" "Where are you?"
"I'm in Germany!"

ahhhhhh music to my ears :). He left Kuwait yesterday, FINALLY, and made it to Germany this morning! Excluding a mix up with the airport pick up, everything went fine and he got to his room, unpacked a little, and made plans to begin reintegration classes starting tomorrow.

He said that everyone seemed positive and willing to help so that's awesome! Of course, his S-1 in Iraq messed up an important piece of paperwork... apparently they told him he didn't need it and well, he needs it. Go figure. Jerks. *mutters something about karma*

There is an American-German festivle in Graff this weekend so Friday looks like it's up in the air as far as what he will be able to accomplish. I didn't get to talk to him a whole lot today because the internet was messing up... actually almost felt like Iraq, but I know he's there, he's safe, and he's at the next step to make it home!

Just a little while longer.... I've just got to hang in a little while longer. :)



Yay! Hang in there, almost there! I'm with you, in those last couple weeks of waiting - isn't that the worst part at times?


Yay!!!! He is safe!!!! Hope he gets home to you ASAP.

New Girl on Post

That's wonderful news! So glad to hear that he's in Germany.

The Mrs.

whew! not to much longer hopefully and he'll be back stateside with you!