Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So, I have this bracelet. It's nothing fancy at all, it's one of those silicone type bracelets. You know, the ones that began after the yellow LiveStrong wrist accessories became such a hit! I picked it up from an Army recruiter actually.... a shameless ploy for free merchandise, but it worked.

It's the grey steely color of the ACU's. On the top side it says "Army Strong" and "GOARMY.COM" - the words are separated by imprinted stars. On the underside it has the number 1-800-USA-ARMY. Like I said, nothing fancy and I'm sure the Army gives them out like tootsie rolls off a float during a county fair parade (that's frequently for all you non fair type folks) but mine, although not fancy, is in fact, special.

I'm not superstitious all the time, but I do silly things like make a wish at 11:11 or say "jinx" or knock on wood. Not because I believe all those things work or have a purpose, I guess it's more out of habit than anything... however, I will admit, I am superstitious about my bracelet.

Haven't taken it off for more than about an hour solid, since I've had it. I got the bracelet cause I like free stuff and figured "why not." But soon after, the bracelet became a lot more than just an Army Girlfriend accessory. I use it to pray. As I began wearing the bracelet, I would look down at it dangling on my wrist and I would say a prayer... sort of used it as a reminder. Once I became more aware of this, I added on more rules. It goes like this. When I look down and it's on the Army Strong side, I pray for Sgt. When I look down and it's on the the GOARMY.COM side, I pray for the men in his platoon and in his troop. Now, it's the only piece of "jewelry" I never take off. I shower with it on, sleep with it on, wear it through work, church, and even in dresses - even when it doesn't really match. I keep it on.

Pretty soon, he'll be home. I won't have to wear the bracelet anymore as a prayer tool in getting him home safely. He will be. I think it'll be hard to part with though. One of my best friends may be going through her own deployment shortly and I'm thinking of passing it on to her. I'm not sure what exactly brought on me blogging about my bracelet, but I was looking down at it and it said "Army Strong" so it made me reminisce...

I talked to Sgt. today and he let me know that good news may be coming my way very shortly :). We have both been stressed and anxious about getting him out of Iraq, getting him on his way home so he can start school on time. We even had the "what if you don't make it back in time" conversation and let me tell you - it was not easy. However, we've done it TOGETHER. Today, I told him "I'm so excited for you honey!!" and he said "I'm excited for US!" Then a little while later I got a very sweet e-mail thanking me for my support through all of this. It's funny because really, I figured he was the one keeping me sane :) I am absolutely CRAZY about this man... I can't WAIT till he gets home!

Here's to bracelets.... and all the other little things.