Wednesday, July 16, 2008

R&R Memory 2

The alarm went off at 6:00 because the idea was that we would wake up and have time to both get ready, drink some coffee, enjoy the morning - before I had to leave for work (at about 7:50)

The alarm begins to blare and I get up to turn it off. The alarm is strategically placed across the room so that I have to get out of bed to turn it off. I turn around to go back to bed and wake him up and he's just laying there, still asleep, unaffected by the steady annoyance that is my alarm clock. He's laying on his side with his arm still out... the same arm that I just slid from underneath... he doesn't know I'm not there, not yet. His other arm is slid underneath the pillow and the blankets are bundled on his side of the bed... the man is such a blanket hog. :). I smile and enjoy just seeing him home for a moment when he shifts. His arm reaches to pull me closer but there's not a body there anymore and he knows it now. He sweeps his hand across the bed and rolls onto his back and stretches out. "good morning" I say with a sing songy voice. He doesn't say anything... he is still not 'awake.'

I crawl back into bed and snuggle up next to him with my head on his shoulder, pulling and rearranging the covers back to center. He smiles and lets out a long "oooohhhhh" as he's stretching then lets out a long sigh, wraps his arms around me, kisses my forehead and says "good morning." We lay there for a moment and he has the distinct breathing of someone who has fallen back asleep. I laugh and roll over to look at him "are you asleep?" No answer. "babe... babe!" "I'm awake, I'm awake" - uh huh. His eyes are still closed. How he can fall completely asleep in the span of under 5 minutes is beyond me. However, eventually, from just laying there I fall asleep too.

7:15 am. I wake up "oh God, what time is it?!" "hmmm?" I lay back with a thud "honey, we fell asleep" he's stretching again and cuddles back up next to me, I laugh and then say "we have to get up this time" so he holds onto me and then smiles a coy smile and with eyes still closed says, "I think, it's your turn to make coffee" - lol "what?" he smirks and says "it's your turn to make coffee" "I made coffee yesterday" "no, I'm pretty sure I did" - this turns into a playful wrestling which ends with me saying "you know what, I'm gana be the better person, and I'm going to make the coffee...yep, because I'm sooo nice and care about you sooo much, I'm going to make coffee" "oh, nu-uh" more wrestling, now trying to get to the coffee pot first. He wins... he makes coffee and I get in the shower.

I love having him there when I wake up in the morning.



cute story! It's the *BEST* thing waking up next to the one you love in the morning :) THE BEST. I can't wait to do that again