Friday, July 18, 2008

Oh what a day.


The STRANGEST things happen while he's gone. Really. And I figured if it happens to me, there's got to be SOME kind of continuity for those of us waiting. With that in mind, I'd love it if you'd leave a comment telling about a strange story or event that happened while your significant other was away. Whether deployed, TDY, stationed else where, what have you. What's the strangest thing? Doesn't even have to be something that happened TO you, it could just be something that happened that you witnessed and thought "man, I wish they were here to see/hear this"

Here's mine and it happened just this morning.

I've mentioned before the fact that I have to carry around a walkie talkie for my job in the summer. At night it sits in its charger, still on, should anyone need me. This morning before my alarm went off, I hear radio chatter. It wakes me up and I listen closer when I hear this:

"Yeah, Hopper is out here in front of our house, there's a lady walking her dogs and I think it kinda freaked her out."

"What??" I think to myself. The person I hear on the radio is my room mate so surely she means OUR house...the one I'm sleeping in right now. So I walk out onto the front porch, underwear and all, because this can not be missed. Yep. They were right. Hopper was out of his cage and going down the back road past camp.

Did I mention Hopper is a Kangaroo in our petting zoo? No? Oh, yeah!!!

And all before 8 in the morning. Hahaha. I continue to listen to radio chatter as they set up a plan to catch him. Apparently the effort has gone on since 6am but Hopper proves to be quite fast and is outrunning our ATV's around camp. He's now figured out a way to get out of camp and head down the road.

"They've got some feed, I think they're trying to lure him in"
"ok, well I'm going to head down there with my dummy rope and see if I can't get him"

Hopper's freedom was well lived, although eventually it ended. They caught him... roped him, I should say, (insert Texas joke here) and returned him to his pin. Succesful :) albeit strange. It's stuff like this that happens that I immediately just want to tell him about, nothing important just something funny that he would get a kick out of.

What's your strange story?



:) Thing like that happens all the time to me. This morning I was watching Bee Movie and there it was: a bee gave bread crumb to other bee what that one really liked. So bee #1 said something like "if you like this you should have a Cinnabon" "Do you know what a Cinnabon is? It's bread! And frosting! And cinnamon! They heat it up! Really hot!". I had to get a lap top to email him that because he knows how much I like that stuff, in fact, on Sat he got me 4-pack to comfort me a bit because he was leaving for 3 weeks. And we are always making jokes about Cinnabon. Just something I had to share with him, immediately.