Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Terrific Trio!

GOTCHA! Wow... I bet a ton of you just freaked out thinking I was pregnant. Nope, not a part of that blogging club :).

No, no... This is a much more complicated issue for me... I understand how babies are made, I do NOT understand how to get a freaking three column layout to save my life! I've even tried adding the HTML for a layout that SAYS it's three column but it's not letting me move page elements over... it's just stuck in this perpetual two column thing... it's annoying. HELP.

Please :(.



HA HA! My page wouldn't load and I was totally freaking out.


No, but when you do figure it out, please let me know as I have been trying to do that for over a year.

I haven't been trying THAT hard, but trying none the less.